Slideshow: Public Lands Open for Drilling

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Across America, government-controlled lands are leased to companies seeking to turn a profit on the fossil fuels that lie beneath. Among those lands are some national parks, preserves, forests and seashores. This slideshow looks at a few well-known public lands where drilling has been approved or is already happening. Many other parks could be opened to drilling soon.

Bill’s guest this week, Tim DeChristopher, went to an auction where the Bureau of Land Management was leasing the mineral rights for federally-controlled Utah wilderness to oil and gas companies, and won the rights to the parcels worth nearly two million dollars. He went to jail for his act of protest.

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  • vermonter1945

    We won’t stop satiating our craving for cheap energy until we’ve destroyed the p[lanet and most of the species on it. The anthropocene age: the shortest one, the age of “intelligent” humans. Lot of good that “intelligence” has done.

  • Theodora Crawford

    Curious who’s behind all these small drilling companies? I ask because UTube revealed the illegal dumping of waste water in Monterey, CA by Vintage, which turns out to be an Occidental Petroleum subsidiary. As in Arkansas, it’s great when amateurs wander by with video cameras! Warning: When big boys scapegoat little companies that can quickly disappear, they leave the US taxpayer holding the clean-up bag!

  • Traci

    Where can this video be found because a search of Youtube turned up nothing.

  • Johnny Glenn

    The worst of it is the fact that we ship most of this oil to poor nations and buy the oil America needs from OPEC.

  • Anonymous

    Bill: Do you understand what BLM lands are? They aren’t National Parks, National Forests, National Monuments, National Seashores, or National Whatevers. It is just land that the Federal Government owns. The Federal Government owns a substantial portion of the land in the western part of the United States. If you don’t understand that, you should look into it.

    I think that you will find that it is mostly (if not only) this BLM land that the Federal Government is planing to lease for oil and gas development. If that is the case, you are stirring up a totally false issue.

  • TJM

    JRT256: I think we can grant that Mr. Moyers knows the difference between National Parks and the Bureau of Land Management. Further, I don’t see that he has confused or blurred the difference in this brief presentation. “Just land that the federal government owns” is some of the wildest and beautiful land on the planet. Just because it has not yet been designated a park or preserve, etc. at this point does not suggest it is not worth protecting from destructive and poisonous practices. I live in the southeast and have seen the horrendous destruction brought on by mountaintop removal mining. This is just about the worst case of a species spoiling its nest as I can imagine.

  • TJM

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