Clip: Robert Reich’s Plan for Fixing Our Economy

September 19, 2013

Ahead of Bill’s interview with economic analyst Robert Reich about Inequality for All, his new documentary about America’s widening income gap, we asked our smart, engaged community on Facebook what they wanted Bill to ask Reich. We received many stellar questions including one that we’re guessing is on the minds of many of you: What specifically can we do to fix our economy?

Turns out, Reich has a clear plan of action — which he lays out in this video — to ensure there is “upward mobility again, in our society and in our economy.” He also believes that political engagement by all Americans will help “change the rules” that created the widening income gap between the top one percent and everyone else, and contributed to the Great Recession. Reich has set up a “take action” area on the film’s website, where he is promoting actions we can take to improve the future health of America’s economy.

Inequality for All opens on September 27, 2013. (See Bill’s interview with the film’s director, Jacob Kornbluth.)

And thank you to all our Facebook fans for the intelligent contribution you make to Bill’s on-going conversation about America’s democracy.

Be sure to tune in this weekend to see the entire interview with Robert Reich.

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  • Strawman411

    The credulity that allows one to believe any pitch that an exceptionally smooth salesman delivers, also apparently prompts witless name-calling in that salesman’s defense.

    I endeavor only to clear-eyed skepticism based on actions, not words, and hate no one.

  • Matt S.

    We should be calling for an end to inflation, not a raise in the minimum wage. If inflation increases the cost of living, nip the problem in the bud, don’t treat the consequences. And don’t tell me we need inflation for full employment unless you can offer a rigorous explanation of stagflation.