After the Occupation

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When Occupy Wall Street was evicted from Zuccotti Park on November 15, 2011, it wasn’t clear how the movement would proceed without a central base of operations. Most other prominent occupations, including those in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, have also been evicted. Though holdouts remain in places like Washington D.C. and Pittsburgh, there’s been a marked shift from permanent encampments to coordinated events, some of which have taken place simultaneously in cities around the country and even the world.

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  • Linda Rolf

    Getting ready for the next act(ion)! Rock on warriors!

  • Barksdale149

    I am Occupying the United States sixth Circuit Court of Appeals case No. 11-4116 Barksdale v. Ohio filed because a Federal judge Polster Protected a State Judge from me, the state judge allowed Deutsche Bank to seize my parents House without even serving Summons or Process of Motions obviously they all been payed off to protect the bank I am not hollering in the streets I am using the US Constitution but nobody cares in the Movement seems like it got class discrimination