Make Corporations Disclose Political Donations to Shareholders

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A grassroots campaign pioneered by a loose coalition of shareholder activists, pension fund members and elected officials is calling on the Securities and Exchange Commission to impose a new rule that would force publicly traded corporations to disclose all political spending to their shareholders.

The active petition — which you can find on the Public Citizen website — has already gathered nearly 500,000 public comments, far more than any petition or rule in the agency’s history, reports The New York Times. Although “relatively few petitions” have resulted in concrete action in the SEC’s 79-year history, the Times reports that the commission staff filed a notice indicating it would consider adding the rule later this month.

Over the past decade, a growing number of corporations have voluntarily agreed to report their political spending to shareholders. By 2011, nearly 60 percent of S&P 100 companies had adopted the practice, many in response to shareholder demands. As the Committee on Disclosure of Political Spending outlined in their rulemaking petition, shareholders need specific information about corporate political spending, because without it they are unable to hold accountable “company directors and executives who use corporate resources for political speech that is inconsistent with shareholder interests.”

If you support this new rule, sign the petition or send in your own comment to the SEC.

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  • Jason Hejna

    I would like to sign the petition. Please check the links you posted though. They are not working for me at this time.

  • janet

    I, also would like to sign but they are not working for me.

  • Sue

    I also am having problems connecting with this site

  • Gareth Johnson

    I went to the Public Citizen site and tried to sign up there, with no luck.

  • Chuck Jarvis

    I would like to sign petition but the link is not working for me eyether or eether.

  • lilhalsted

    I couldn’t get the sight to load, either. I very much want to sign and share. Please repost when sight is loadable!!

  • investor

    Dodd-Frank allows for stockholders to have a vote for this put into the annual meeting/proxy vote. I have seen this brought up on several proxies. Mr. Moyers, your show should make people aware of this option.

  • jajaja

    Actually might be a good problem to have IE, the server is overloaded…

  • markus maleek

    The petiition site is still down.

  • Mike

    I want to see corporations start paying tax myself…

  • Mike

    yeah that link is not working I hope ya fix it and rerun it

  • JSU

    Yes, unable to connect to your link

  • celia

    This should be part of the U.S. federal Elections Act! In Canada, all election donations have to be made public by law when the candidates file their election cost forms within a certain time of the election. Not only do they name the donors, there is also a cap on how much each candidate can spend worked out on the size of a riding and the number of registered voters. P.S. These expenses are posted on-line!

  • Libbie Botting

    Want to not working..

  • Steve Irwin … looks like all the action links are down on their site

  • John A. Cancienne

    Has the petition been removed? I have checked all of the links and a display saying there is no server to handle the request comes up instead. In fact, the link on face book has even been removed.

  • John A. Cancienne

    I couldn’t even log into the site… It’s as if the “powers that be” are doing all they can to block any action.

  • Herbert J Levinson

    I was able to connect and send after clicking several time. So the problem may be fixed. It was probably hacked.

  • Don Liston

    Please add the on-line address for the Securities Exchange Commission and we can write them directly to express our views.

  • nancy carver

    I have tryed 5 times to sign the petition. This website is a bad one . Please fix it and sen this out again so those of us that are unable to use the petition can

  • nancy carver


  • nancy carver


  • Michael

    You can access the PublicCitizen site (and sign the petition) via this link:

  • Michael
  • moderator

    Which link are you having a problem with?

    moderator @ moyers

  • Ray Bryan

    I also would sign if the link worked.

  • moderator

    Which link are you trying to access?