Bernie Sanders: “The American People Are Angry”

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The American people “are angry that the middle class is collapsing because of the Wall Street-caused recession,” Sen. Bernie Sanders declared in a major Senate floor speech on June 27. “They are angry that unemployment is sky high, that 50 million people lack health insurance, and that working families can’t afford college for their kids. Meanwhile, the wealthy and the largest corporations are doing phenomenally well and now billionaires and their congressional friends want to balance the budget on the backs of the elderly, the children, the sick and the poor.”

In the 25-minute speech (only eight hours shy of his epic 2010 speech) Sanders describes an American economy which has more wealth and income inequality than at any time since the 1920s. He calls on Congress to pass legislation providing health care for all Americans, creating jobs to repair America’s crumbling infrastructure, strengthening Social Security, blocking cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, and making the wealthy and profitable corporations pay their fair share to reduce the deficit.

Watch the entire speech below.

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  • Pat Elgee

    It is not only Wall Street and Corporations that are crooks, but the Congressmen who are so easily bought. Lobbyist should be banned from D.C.

    Those who take bribes should be sent home and tell the states to send someone honest.

    Those who refuse to work to solve problems honestly, should be sent home, states can send someone intelligent and willing to work for the people.

    Canada allows people to leave the country, but they can only bring so much money that was made in Canada out of Canada. Those who stash money in Switzerland and on the Cayman Islands should be told to bring their money home or go to jail and have all domestic holdings seized. Why not? Poor people are put out of their homes!

    There should be a tax scale that escalates with the income. Loop holds like medical, one home estate taxes, and charitable donation should be limited to a percent of the total tax.

    No personal auto should be allowed to be sold in the US that gets less than 50mpg to help limit oil imports.

    These would all be blocked by Republicans. Obama should have asked that they send more democrats to get his legislation passed in both houses.