Will Climate Change Put You Underwater?

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If we continue burning fossil fuels the way we do now sea levels will rise by three feet — and could rise by as much as five feet — by the year 2100. What does this mean for your favorite beach? The map here offers answers. Designed by a physics Ph.D. student, Robert A. Rohde, for his site Global Warming Art, it uses information from NASA to show which areas of America’s coastline will be hit the hardest.

Check out the potential fate of New York City, Miami and Sacramento. Like many other cities, large areas are predicted to be under water and some cities may be completely wiped out. And you can forget about a trip to the Bahamas — all the islands will be gone.

The map works like most Google maps. You can use the tools on the left or click and drag the map to navigate. Double click to zoom in. The different colors over potentially affected areas show the elevation of that area and how much the sea would need to rise to cover it. Those areas in red could be under water by the end of this century if we don’t change our fossil fuel consumption habits.

Also check out two features, one by Rolling Stone and the other by The New York Times, looking at how American cities will be affected by rising seas levels.

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  • Mark Wallin

    Unfortunately oil and gas companies are poisoning well water extracting gas from shale using fracking . So you want to move in land and be able to drink water? Think again the rich are buying up wine to drink when the water is crap. oh by the way animals wont drink this well water either so what you going to eat. , gardens will die you will get sick in your own home and sell? Not a chance.

  • Mark Wallin

    Eat fish ? Sorry overfishing and contaminated fish well , we allowed some to kill all of us.

  • Robert H. Pike

    I’m optimistic. In 100 years major areas will be rebuilt. I just saw a low swamp area filled and raised over 5 feet – as far as the eye can see – and then homes were built. Land will be refilled, with a foot or more of fill. Roads will be rebuilt higher, and earth will be 99% renewables – with gas engine cars in museums. The world population net growth will have stopped. We all know fossil fuels are out of date – and unwise.

  • Anonymous

    Step one should be to eliminate all federal coastal flood insurance plans. The purpose of insurance is to hedge against potential disasters, not to redistribute the costs of guaranteed disasters.

  • Pat Goldberg

    Very scary. Happening too fast

  • Anonymous

    At least Mississippi will be gone.

  • Christine

    Haha! A new lake there will be nice!

  • David L. Allison

    The transnational corporations, eternal people that, like zombies, will never die, are doing just that. Corporations, some funded by their governments, are buying like land and water in “safe areas” in Africa, Australia and South America are on a fire sale. It is happening on every continent. The purchases are of both arable land and potable water sources. The oil money, the really big oil money, is going into land and water, food and beverages, all over the world. They know what is happening and they intend to profit from all of it. Hello Nestles, Coca Cola, Pepsi, UAE, Monsanto, Saudi Arabia and Halliburton. We are watching.

  • David L. Allison

    This is truly insane. According to this, Florida, from the keys through the Everglades and up through most of the coast on both sides of the state are gone by 2100. How can any politician allow this to become the future. Why are only the left wing Democrats really screaming about this. The USA will not have enough money to bail out that one state, let alone the entire States of Louisiana and several others which have no hope of survival.
    WTF are the deniers going to do when the only way to get home is on a boat? I’m sorry but all the whining about Obamacare and food stamps and even mountain top mining, all reduce to side issues when the ocean is becoming uninhabitable for fish and crustaceans and is about to invade all of coastal US, Mexico, India, England, Bangladesh, India, Japan and on and on and on.
    Where the F are the priorities? Who is in charge? The UN is talking about serious talks in 10 or 20 years. By ten or 20 years the pooch will have been totally screwed beyond recovery. This is a fuc&!ng emergency. Alert, a..holes, your countries are drowning and at the same time drying up and blowing away. WAKE the FU.

  • Anonymous

    Where do you come up with these numbers of 3 to 5 feet? And using a grad student? In every subsequent report the IPCC keeps downgrading sea level rise projections and it’s down at 1’5″

    The most published author on sea level rise, with over 500 peer reviewed article, points out that sea level rise is natural as we come out of the Little Ice Ace. CO2?

    Sea level rise is slowing, not increasing, with
    the rate from 2005 to 2012 below the range from 1954 to 2003.

    “During the past 10,000 years, the mean centennial sea-level rise has been 4 feet per century. “If” we shut down close to 2/3 of the world’s economy in the name of ‘Saving the Planet,’ we would reduce sea-level rise by little more than 6 inches per century.” Source: US National Council for Atmospheric Research April 2009; Roger Pielke Sr., Ph.D.

    PLEASE stop the alarming with catastrophic maps that have no reality.

  • Anonymous

    “Either decrease the birth rate, or increase the death rate. Take your pick.”—Isaac Asimov. If that were true forty five years ago, how much more true now?

  • Stephen Murdock Cox

    We can only hope that the social media can galvanize us the way it worked in the Middle East and North Africa. Apparently in our country there are places you can’t collect rain water without violating the law. My daughter once belonged to an organization that believed the federal government should not own the airwaves. Now they have purloined the air we breathe and all the fresh water. Monsanto is under scrutiny by the general public as is Nestle, who apparently thinks clean water should be theirs to sell. We need to be doing more than watching. I marched 43 years ago and I marched against GMO’s, albeit slower. We need to brainstorm ways to take these fascists down by hurting their bottom line. We need to defy those who would arrest us for collecting rainwater.

  • Darlal

    why are the Great Lakes not affected? You need to explain how to read this map.

  • Anonymous

    The rate of rise does not harmonically increase year-to-year. It speed up, it slows down, but the overall trend is up. Or do you think the models have become invalid?

    And now, against all the current evidence, you’re implying that the sea level rise, at the rate it’s been happening and the models project will continue to happen, is completely natural, and has nothing to do with man’s activities. Interesting.

    Or do you completely discount the effect of atmospheric CO2 (not to mention the effect of the acidification of the ocean — another issue)?


  • Anonymous

    South Florida lies so low that, at this point, it might be too late to do anything to save the area. It doesn’t mean we should let it go and consume the world’s coastal cities, of course.

  • Cheryl

    Look beyond Earth and into the solar system for your climate change facts. There’s a bigger picture than humans.

  • Tim G

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    fragile hope to our carbon-powered planet.

  • Boychick

    Don’t worry about this. Ask the Republicans

  • tommytime69

    I find it kinda strange that after all the scary climate predictions have been discredited by real world observations and measurements, that Bill Moyers would allow someone on his site to make these bold (and pretty extreme) predictions with zero citations… all we have is some vague reference to NASA – but what is NASA’s track history in predicting the future. In the meantime, the global science community has to (largely) reluctantly concede that the warming has stopped for the last fifteen to seventeen years and that the antarctic ice sheet is at record high levels (look it up before you attack me for being anti-science please). Sea level rise has not been accelerating at all in the last few years, and the IPCC (the supposed world authority on Climate Change) has now admitted (by implication at least) to have overstated the case of global warming. This topic is opening up for debate – and debate is scientific. It is time to start questioning the paradigm of global warming because the implications of handing global energy policy over to a corporate-influenced international regulatory body could be catastrophic.