May 14, 2014 | Cartoons

Cartoonist Mark Fiore skewers some of the myths the national Restaurant Association has manufactured over the years, especially that of well-paid, happy workers serving you each time you eat out. Continue reading

American Petroleum Institute still from Fiore cartoon
February 20, 2014 | Blog

Cartoonist Mark Fiore takes a look at the organization that has been lobbying their heart out to get Keystone XL approved.
Continue reading

Scene from Mark Fiore's 'Saint Ayn Rand Visits the Day After Christmas' with Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz celebrating.
December 26, 2013 | Blog

With a million and a half people losing their unemployment benefits, there’ll be tough times ahead for all you “moochers.” Continue reading

November 7, 2013 | Blog

Every week, and sometimes every day, there is a new revelation about the shady practices of the NSA. Cartoonist Mark Fiore imagines a training program for American children. Continue reading

September 30, 2013 | Blog

Across the country, for-profit companies are engaged in a hostile takeover of our schools, roads, prisons, drinking water — even government itself. Continue reading

tar sands timmy
August 15, 2013 | Blog

With help from Tar Sands Timmy, Cartoonist Mark Fiore reminds us that Keystone XL is not the only dirty pipeline worth talking about. Continue reading

Mark Fiore's Shoot-em-up Charlie
July 18, 2013 | Blog

Mark Fiore takes a look at the role that ALEC and the NRA played in the passage of Stand Your Ground laws in Florida and George Zimmerman’s defense. Continue reading

A still from Mark Fiore's political animation, 'FISA: Now Hiring'
June 20, 2013 | Blog

Want an easy job with little supervision and the power to steamroll personal privacy? Look no further than FISA, explains Mark Fiore through his latest political ‘toon. Continue reading

United States of Surveillance
June 13, 2013 | Blog

Mark Fiore’s “security bear” says domestic spying is nothing to worry about “unless you’re a terrorist, a treasonous leaker or, um, a fan of the Bill of Rights.” Continue reading

You vs. Corporations
June 6, 2013 | Blog

What would happen if you tried some of the same legal-ish tricks that Apple and other corporations use to avoid taxes? Continue reading

still from Mark Fiore cartoon, The Re-Obamulator
May 30, 2013 | Blog

Flying straight out of Mark Fiore’s imagination, President Obama introduces the latest technological breakthrough in presidential transformation. Continue reading

Still from 'Money Fer Nuthin' by Mark Fiore featuring IRS auditors reviewing 501(c)4 applications
May 23, 2013 | Blog

In Mark Fiore’s new cartoon, Little Suzy Newsykins tells us about her summer job at the IRS “Determination Center,” where she expects to pass her days doing very little work at all. Continue reading

May 16, 2013 | Blog

Snuggly the Security Bear is working with the Department of Justice and Eric Holder. See what they’ve been up to lately as they fight press freedom– er, terrorism. Continue reading

Unemployed man hiding in an overhead bin on an airplane - a scene from animated cartoon entitled 'Sequesterless Airlines'
May 2, 2013 | Blog

In a new animated cartoon, Mark Fiore proposes a way for other groups of Americans affected by the sequester to get Congress’ attention. Continue reading

'Head-Bangers' by Mark Fiore
April 24, 2013 | Blog
In Mark Fiore's new animated cartoon, he pokes fun at the backward logic of those who want to maintain the status quo on fossil fuels in the face of climate change.
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