Appreciations: An Interview with Doris Lessing

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The Nobel-prize winning novelist Doris Lessing passed away on Sunday morning in London at the age of 94.

In this 2003 interview, Bill spoke with Lessing about what she called her “compulsive” passion for writing, growing up in Africa, the flower children of the 1960s, her time as a communist, the lasting impacts of war and how she handled accusations by her friends that she was “narrow-minded and an old grouch.”

At the time of the interview, the US was on the verge of invading Iraq.  This is what she said, less than two months before the war began: “Bush is going to ride into Iraq with guns blazing. And then everything will be cleared up and then he will ride out again. But it’s not going to be like that. The casualness of it is what is so terrifying.”

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  • Anonymous

    Talking of sheriffs, what a straight-shooter she was! Just cast your minds back to the self-confident delusion of the stock and property bubble during which this interview took place. Grouchy? Hardly. Just brilliant.

  • :Donna Marie

    I second that. I can’t stomach most of television today.