A Special Announcement from ‘Moyers & Company’

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It’s been only three weeks since I announced that Moyers & Company would end, as originally planned, on January 3. It was time, I said, to turn the corner after all the years of meeting the deadlines and demands so integral to producing television. An hour broadcast every week — virtually handcrafted from many different parts — has been exciting and satisfying, even joyful to produce, but at this age and stage I was prepared to leave the field to the next generation.

What I could not anticipate was the response of our viewers. As my grandchildren would say, I was blown away. We received thousands of well-written and heartfelt messages. The outpouring is unmistakably about the importance of public broadcasting and the value many people place on our mission to offer a place for sane, calm and civil consideration of what is going on in the world.

Our funders also weighed in with an equally simple but passionate message: keep going. And they have backed those pleas with commitments of underwriting. So, I want to announce today that we indeed will continue with a half-hour weekly broadcast and multimedia offerings that will feature the trademark ideas, interviews and analysis that you have told us are important to you.

The final episode of our current series will air January 3. One week later — on January 10 — the first episode of the new series, still Moyers & Company, will premiere.

We’re very grateful for the enthusiasm and support.

— Bill Moyers

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  • Carol Wright


  • Anonymous

    So Happy!!!!! Thank you!!!

  • Bruce Slater

    Yay! (Understated, but very heartfelt!!). Thank you Bill !!!

  • Barton Brown

    Thank You!! What a wonderful message to receive on a Friday afternoon! Your programs are the highlight of the week.

  • Marge Wood


  • Rebecca

    Wonderful! Thank you so much, Mr. Moyers, we need you more than ever.

  • Dennis Perry

    You are about the only honest broker of current events Mr. Moyers. I know you’d rather retire, and we appreciate your sticking it out … for us.

  • David Glidden

    Thank goodness: your voice is sorely needed!

  • Steven Shea

    Moyers and Co. is the best show on TV!

  • Muldfeld

    Thrilled about this! Yes!

  • katy

    We need your voice now more than ever! You’re one of the few journalists brave enough to cut through the noise.

  • Joan Harris

    Mr Moyers, Thank you so much for continuing your much valued series. You are an inspiration in these important and sometimes difficult times.

  • Anonymous

    Bravo!!! There has never been a more important time to hear the truth! Thank you!

  • dnarich

    Thank goodness. I agree with others that we need your knowledge and insight and your clear communication now more than ever. Thank you for your years of service and especially for your integrity!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Bill Moyers. We need your voice of reason. And please don’t quit without finding someone to carry on with your progressive message. There are far to few true progressives speaking up today.

  • Linda Finley

    I missed the original message, so am grateful I was spared three weeks of angst. Never has there been a more important time for REAL journalism. Bless you for all you do and have done for this country.

  • Anonymous

    Please tell WXXI (NPR) in Rochester, NY to move your show to a more normal time slot than the 5 AM Sunday slot they have you on now!

  • Stuart

    I look forward to the morning summary. Open it and as the day goes by try to read as many articles as I can. Thanks for hanging in there. Hope you have lots of good help!

  • Kevin Smith

    Thank you, Bill! It is so wonderful that you have reconsidered your idea to end your program! As I said in my previous comment here, your program is an absolute public service! There is no other program like it on television- it helps keep people informed. A half-hour of “Moyers & Company” is better than no “Moyers & Company” at all. Thank you again for all you have done- in all of your endeavors. I can’t wait for what is to come!

  • Robert

    Fantastic news, we need you out there weeding out the nonsense. You are a real treasure.

  • Melissa L.

    Couldn’t be happier, nor more appreciative, of your decision! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Nancy M Roca Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • Laurabeth Michels

    We need you Moyers and Company brand of Journalism Bill………thanks for staying with us.

  • John Friedrich

    Absolutely fantastic news! Thank you Bill Moyers!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome, awesome news Bill!!! But take it easy and pls don’t stress yourself out too much… we love you… You, Howard Dean, Bernie Sanders, Molly Ivins and Elizabeth Warren are my group of all time heroes. THANK YOU so much for your service to America. There are others in your current cadre of progressive news sources… but you are head and shoulders the rest! And we really appreciate you,… and your wonderful staff.

  • Katherine Gullett

    Your voice of intelligent, compassionate reason is needed in these hysterical times. Thank you for continuing.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome. You are one of the rare that is willing to
    defend the very foundational PRINCIPLES of life itself and for that I am very
    grateful. Bill if you read this perhaps you might someday share the
    following with your many viewers so they too can see as clearly into issues as
    yourself and your guests.

    #1) “When things don’t make an ounce of
    sense … its making someone else a ton of money .. the agent of power.”

    #2) “All sustainable and
    problematic domino supply chains of agony are continually fed by
    their benefactors.”

    #3) “Telling half-truths, cunning craft,
    deception, betrayals and lying to anyone at its fundamental source, is not just
    a lie … but it is “Grand Theft.” It steals the ability of the
    deceived from being able to trust their ability … to know when and who they can
    ever trust again … and without trust the very foundational premise of civility
    is doomed to self-destruction.

  • Valerie Smith


  • Nansi K

    I’m thrilled to hear this! Thank you so much for your commitment to journalism and to enlightening and education so many people.

  • Diadem

    Very glad to hear this- we need a civil, progressive voice to counter the disinformation.Thanks as well to your funders, who have not left the field to the Koch brothers and their ilk.

  • Anonymous


  • Don Maples

    outstanding !!! heaven, the earth, nsa, and the brothers Koch will all be better for it !!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, yay for convicted felon George Soros! Yay!

  • AJ

    Ditto to ALL these comments. Nice to get some good news! Thanks so much.

  • Deb Kasouf

    OH, WOW! so happy. doing the moyers jig! and sharing

  • oddjob


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Wonderful news! Thank you, Bill and Company.

  • Mich Barry

    YES!!! You cannot retire–you loyal viewers will NOT let you!

  • Pamela Lindstrom Adamson

    You give me a sense of hope in today’s world.
    Thank you for your time and a lifetime of honest

  • Anonymous

    Your truthfulness will be sincerely missed. If we are lucky, other media folks will follow your lead. It has been a pleasure listening to you and most of your guests. Many wishes for a pleasant ‘slow down’. Retirement is just around the corner. Thanks you so much.

  • Marie4662

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You are the last source of rational responsible journalism. Your previous retirement left a black hole in journalism as well as my heart.

  • Dick Pickles

    I feel I missed out on a particular fright, having missed your original announcement. With many who share my feelings on your contribution to American life, I can only say a most inadequate thank you for sticking with your important reporting. I only hope you are devoting some quality time with your family you owe this to yourself an them also. Thanks again.

  • Miss Dashwood

    Thank you a million times over. I look forward to your show every week as the most thoughtful and intelligent hour on television. Thank you.

  • Dan Daniel

    So glad you are continuing your show. They are respite of reason in a sea of (was going to say mediocrity but that would be too nice) …in a sea hyperbolic crap!

  • Anonymous

    Bill, thanks doesn’t come near to doing justice about what you do. I watch your show as a broadcast, and DVR when I can’t. Yup, I’m a Moyers addict! You are such an integral part of our media scape and I just can’ t see you NOT in it! I know, I know the time will come…but until then? Half hour is just fine, and thanks again!

  • http://www.facebook.com/leilanihagberg Leilani Hagberg

    thank you

  • Anonymous

    I’m really glad to hear this!!

  • Margie McMillan

    I love his show and had no idea he was thinking of not carrying on with his good work. Thank heavens for a slice of information that is compelling and intelligent. Please know that I appreciate your decision to stay on the air.

  • Fran

    Great!!! I am so glad you will continue your reporting the truth to us!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank god you’re not leaving us completely! There is simply no one else out there like you. :-)

  • Sheri

    Prayers answered!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the only truth teller, the most wise and compassionate, and you are my hero.

  • Pat Keenan

    Mr Moyers, Hip Hip Horray! I’m so glad you are staying. Having said that I understand why you wanted to leave, the older I get the less I want to work as hard as I did when I was 20. The trick is to find some good young people to do the heavy lifting while mentoring them and grooming someone to succeed you. I imagine you already do much of this and I hope you stay until your very large shoes can successfully be filled.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely the BEST news! Because without new shows, I was just going to keep watching the old ones. ; )

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Bill. Thank you.

  • Scott Hutchinson

    Thank you, Bill! America needs you to keep talking sense and interviewing intelligent, compassionate people who are rarely heard from anywhere else. Let’s hope enough people are listening and acting to keep our country from going down the drain.

  • Jim Hudson

    Thanks that you will continue to speak truth to power.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! You are truly an inspiration – the wisdom and compassion you share make us all better people.

  • http://speakingasateacher.com Susan Lee Schwartz

    Thank Goodness. You do know I link your broadcasts at Oped news. (OEN). You are the truth bearer among the noise. Don’t ever go!

  • Entera

    I hope you know how much we need your voice, and appreciate the Herculean effort you’ve expended on the part of true journalism.

  • Ivana

    I’m certainly glad I missed the original announcement. I would have been SO disheartened. Now I’m only slightly so. A half hour will still be water to a thirsty viewer. I haven’t commented on drones, either . . . or surveillance . . . or Wendell Berry . . . or simply to tell you how our family never misses your program! Dear Bill is definitely a “national treasure.” I remember when Molly Ivins tried to get Bill drafted for President of the U.S. I did write Bill, then, and I still have the note he wrote in appreciation. I love the way your shows often dovetail with Democracy Now with Amy Goodman. You both tell the news that the mainstream won’t touch. Thank you for continuing to enlighten us. I am so grateful for your good work.

  • George M. Shears


  • W

    Thank you Bill

  • Awiles


  • Joanne

    One huge sigh of relief at news your program will continue.

  • Caroline

    Wonderful news!!!!

  • Lois Scozzari

    Your are the real American hero!

  • Gerald Mosley

    Excellent new!

  • Anonymous

    You have been so valuable in educating the public and warning us what is going on. Too many news men back down to save their jobs for what ever reason. We do depend on you. However, the torch must eventually be passed to a younger person of integrity. Get yourself some good interns who will make the job less stressful to you, and one day, not too soon, I hope, accept the torch and carry it forward.

  • Anonymous

    Outstanding news! Thanks for all you’ve done, and for all you contribute to our national conversation every day. Thanks also to your underwriters for recognizing that high quality is always a good investment.

  • Craig

    Great news

  • Kay Bell


  • Anonymous

    Well! Well! The People have spoken. You are not going anywhere. These are critical times for this nation and every sailor is needed on the deck to help plug the holes in this ship. Thank you for your insightful interviews.

  • Karen London

    Thank you, Mr. Moyers, for hearing our pleas and your willingness to reconsider. I am so pleased to have your continued “voice” on the critical issues of our times.

  • Mark Hartman

    This is the best news I’ve heard all day! Thanks SO MUCH to Bill, his staff, and the underwriters who stepped forward and allowed this to occur. Too few REAL journalists exist, and you continue to set the standard for high quality, objective reporting of the issues that matter and that are seldom covered in any depth by the mainstream media. Thanks again!

  • Peg C.

    Thrilled!! You inspire me and educate me as no other TV program does! You’re thoughtful & intelligent, with a keen eye for what matters and you speak openly and truthfully. Thank you for staying on, the U.S. needs you and more like you!! Rock On Bill!

  • jo riley


  • http://tanglesandwebs.blogspot.com/ Annie Stratton

    I am so grateful. We need your voice, and the views of those you interview, to help us shape our response to the often frightening issues we are facing in a way that means something. You have helped me see things in ways that often hovered just beyond my grasp. Most importantly, you help me keep my commitment alive. I am 70, and it is important for me not to stop working to the degree I am able, to make it possible for my grandchildren to live with dignity and freedom. I fear for them.

  • Nan

    Thanks, Mr. M. …Best hour and in 2014 half hour of the week.

  • Beverly Isenson

    This is better than any holiday gift we could possible expect…except world peace.

  • Leon Letto

    Oh My GOD! Yes- you are so important to me and everyone! I watch or read every episode and feel that people like you, Noam Chomski, Naomi Wolf, Bill McKibbin, and so many of your amazing courageous guests fulfill an important place in society. YOU make a difference to the world!!!! Where would we be without your courage and strength to go on fighting the good fight. Thank you Bill Moyers!

  • Brenda S.

    HOORAY !!!!

  • sirald66

    Your work is one of the few times I’ve written on my skin, for lack of paper and memory, so I could follow you further. A pure passionate journalist, I must point to you when I show others what news really is.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Great News! One more reason to be thankful 😉

  • Anonymous

    Thank you!

  • Kay Baumgartner

    Hot DAMN. Just spent an age with two friends this past Monday bewailing your imminent departure; there’s not a soul I know of who has what you have and brings what you bring. I actually am breathing easier for the future of our endangered democracy, Mr. M. Bless you. I love you, plain and simple, and am thrilled to know I’ll continue to see you every Sunday.

  • Karlheinz Groeger

    Awesome! Thank you!

  • Lesley McLaughlin

    Bill’s Staying! Strike up the Ninth!

  • Tim

    Thank-you for keep going Bill Moyers & Co. Please for god’s sake don’t leave until you train the next generation.

  • janine

    So happy to hear that you are carrying on if only 1/2 a week. Totally respect the work you do.

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful news, sir. Your views and guests are a clear breeze in the befouled air of today.

  • Anonymous

    Happy to hear it, Bill, although I’m certain those craven souls on Kentucky’s PBS station also are happy that after Jan. 3 they no longer will have to hide Moyers & Co. in the wee morning hours or while we’re all away at church…

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for continuing. Please train a successor, too, so when you decide to retire there is a worthy person to bring us the depth and sensitivity we depend on.

  • Bev Miles

    SO glad to hear u aren’t quitting. U r the only sane, truthful, REAL journalist on TV!! Pls don’t ever quit w/o a like-minded replacement of yr remarkable caliber!!

  • Ed Pinson

    You are the BEST, Bill!!
    Be our president–puhleeeez!! We need you!

  • The Webcast Guru

    Oh, the joy!! Thank you so very much for this sacrificial participation in this most blessed place: the marketplace of ideas. It is not so much that we cannot, in these difficult days, have discourse that is civil. It is that there are only a few places where it seems as if doing so is safe, reasonable, and right. That is the gift you bring. Thank you.

  • Eppie

    Hooray! So glad you’re not leaving! I was so sad to read that you were–both times. It’s good to know that individual voices can be heard.

  • Mark Diehl

    I am SO happy to hear this! I truly consider Moyers and Company the most valuable hour of television I watch each week. Each week you get to the real crux of what is occurring politically and otherwise in this country, the real information. Thank you for the great work you do! I’m so glad that the program will continue.

  • maggiethecat

    Doing a happy dance.

  • Dragantraces

    This is wonderful to read. Even if it only postpones the ultimate demise of Moyers & Company total sudden withdrawal is avoided. Thank you! And please consider continuing the concept of an honest, informative, serious, journalism program once you personally make that final cut from this incarnation. No one would ever be able to precisely file the Bill Moyers shoes, but the world and at this critical point of history this country more than any other needs this sort of programming and there have to be plenty of real journalists who would do well in this format and forum.

  • Dorlinda Chong

    Huzzah! Hope the briefer format allows you time to recharge your batteries. Consider arranging your schedule game show host style: 6 episodes a day, six weeks off, 6 episodes a day, etc. (You could even do three episodes a day for two days, then 6 weeks off.) That’s if you can delegate the show prep to your staff, of course.

  • Anne Dugan

    Happy days are here again! People such as yourself – decent, honest, sane – keep me tuned in.

  • Terri EC Mom5

    I’m so happy you’re staying on the air.

  • Barbara Mullin

    Good news to hear Moyers & Company continues!!!

  • j c BROU


  • Jackie C.

    Oh, i am so happy to hear this news! Thank you, Mr Moyers, for continuing on and providing this lovely vehicle of discussion and debate! You’re productions often feel as close to the BBC as America has!

  • Elizabeth Vaughan

    Thank you! You are needed in these times.

  • Ken Kyte

    Informed journalism is the only peaceful alternative to overcome the existing ‘Dollarocracy’ that permeates our current governance. The likes of people such as yourself and Dylan Ratigan are our only hope of creating a sane and informed electorate to pursue a balanced state of living within a functioning democracy. Without your voice, our future as a civil society is threatened !!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am very happy that your program will continue. You are a national treasure and the country needs your journalism and advocacy for a better society.

  • Allen

    Bill thanks for continuing your show. You’re great at what you do and also a wonderful person! What an unbeatable combination!

  • Mary Ruth Kowalczyk Kolk

    And we are grateful to have you and your show. So happy to hear you will remain on the PBS channels. Hooray!!!

  • June Condruk

    Hurrah! This news has put a big smile on my face! You and your show are unique and there is no replacement or substitute for either one. However I do know that one day you will really retire and we will have to be weaned off of the 1/2 hour show. I would like to put a call out there to all the other great journalists -carry on Bill’s tradition- start a show of your own. We can’t do without it – really – we can’t.

  • compassionate monkey

    thank you so much! we need you, sorry to say, more than ever!

  • worldsgonemad

    Hallelujah, Bill. I actually cried when I heard you were ending this reign of Moyers and Company. I simply did not know where I would turn for responsible, intelligent reporting. You are the voice of reason and while I fully support you retirement, I would dearly love to see a groomed associate step up and keep the fire burning. A week without Moyers is a missed opportunity. Thankfully, I can catch you on FB. Many blessings for a long, happy and healthy life, Bill. I, and as you can see about a ZILLION others, truly appreciate your hard work.

    Stay cool, Big Daddy.

    You ROCK!

  • Anonymous


  • B McErlain

    indeed great news!!! Thank you Mr. Moyers (and Company :-)

  • Dan Ackerman

    A vast potential sink-hole miraculously has been filled. I am greatly relieved!

  • Bob Balhiser

    I am 70 as well, and concerned for my children and grandchildren. If there is any hope for them, it is folks like Bill Moyers who offer it. Fire up us old folks, Bill, so we can help turn things around before we leave this earth.

  • Bob Balhiser

    And, please, find and mentor an equally talented and like-minded successor so that, one day, you can have a well deserved retirement! Thanks so much to your loved ones for sharing you with us!

  • Carlos

    This is great news there are few programs which have the depth and inteligence that Moyers and Company has.

  • Patricia Moro Vinson

    Great!! We all love your program. You are the best!!

  • Anonymous

    Yay! Wish it could air on commercial television to a larger and more diverse audience and still maintain the integrity and independence that you show in your PBS programming. Thank you for staying with us when we know part of you wants a rest. Thanks to your family who shares you with us, too.

  • Penn

    Endlessly grateful you will continue with your superb program. The highlight of our week.

  • nickygy

    hooray! i was already mourning the loss of your vital voice. thank you for keepin’ on keepin’ on.

  • geoq

    Thank you for continuing. There are too few voices similar to yours highlighting that which goes un-noticed all too often.

  • Sal Paradise .

    Thank you Bill!!

  • Valerie Long Tweedie

    Oh, Bill! I am writing this message with tears in my eyes. I know what a personal sacrifice you and Judith have made in order to keep this kind of journalism going. I can only say thank you, thank you, thank you for not leaving us. There is not a show out there that compares – that sheds the light on the anti-democratic policies and behaviour of our politicians. I say with the utmost sincerity, American democracy at this point in history, would be less without your untiring work. Bless You and Judith.

  • VLT

    He did, David Brancoccio was the heir apparent. But no one can attract the guests or has Bill’s keen sense of what stories to develop.

  • thompson

    A Joni Mitchel lyric comes to mind, “don’t it always seem to go that you don’t kno what you got till it’s gone.”
    Or in this case almost gone. I casn’t imagine not having Bill Moyers to put all the political noise into a pwespective that makes sense!

  • Robert

    Thanks Bill I so much appreciate you and the clarity you bring.

  • http://www.judithgargyi.vpweb.com Judith

    Thank you for continuing to educate the general public about “things that matter” to every citizen with clarity and heart.

  • James Swarts

    With true heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your willingness to sacrifice a well earned retirement for the betterment of our social discourse. Bless you for all you do to enlighten, inform, promote civility.

  • Luisa G.

    What a relief! You’ll stay with us. As another commenter has already stated, your retirement is well-deserved. Bless you for continuing to serve the public and, frankly, your country. People with your experience and approach to contemporary issues are sorely needed. Thank you!

  • Lynn Kirby

    Thanks so much, Bill! This is really happy news. I watched another amazing and inspiring episode last night with Jill Stein and was inspired and amazed to hear from her and Dr. Flowers and their wonderful work. It’s an example of a topic not found elsewhere that truly deserves coverage. Look forward to your new programs. You and your wife and team are treasures in the broadcasting business. Wishing you all the guts, gumption, inspiration and energy you need to continue your amazing work.

  • Anonymous

    Sail on, sail on
    O mighty ship of state
    To the shores of need
    Past the reefs of greed
    Through the squalls of hate
    Sail on, sail on, sail on, sail on

    Read more: Leonard Cohen – Democracy Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  • Anonymous

    Well thank God for that! Where would we be without Bill? The last warrior left standing in the war for good journalism.

  • Anonymous

    Bill, you are the only tv program I have confidence in. I suppose that a slice of bread is better than a loaf. You certainly do not contribute to the dumbing-down of America.

  • Perpetually Grateful for You

    We were still in stunned mourning about your show ending when today we came to your site to see the date of the last episode. We cannot quantify the gratitude in our Shenandoah Valley Sunday, of reading that you will launch a half hour a week show to keep sharing all that we count on you to connect us with. You have never been more needed than now. At the same time, we want you always to do what is best for YOU!

    WIth gratitude unending for the doors you have opened and continue to open in ours and so many other lives!

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps the only other journalist I can think of that is promoting the issues that Bill has might be Ed Schultz. Maybe some of the guests Bill has on his show could be recruited as a potential successor, including either of the two women he had on today’s show.

  • Carol

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! We were so happy to hear this news. I can certainly understand your desire to retire, but we’re grateful and relieved that you will continue. Best wishes.

  • Mary E. Allen

    Hurray! Indeed your goals — and your accomplishments — are positive, special, and important to continue: establishing a place for sane, calm and civil consideration of what is going on in the world. Thank you. BTW. for a long while I’ve wanted you and Bernie Sanders on a presidential ticket. Consider it, please!

  • John Graves

    Bill, I am utterly delighted to hear this. Yours are the most meaningful interviews on television. And you commentary ain’t bad, either. ;o)

  • Carl Landsness


  • Jim Petersen

    Thanks for being there for us Mr. Moyers!

  • Anonymous

    Very good news-Moyers may be the last “untouchable” journalist in “mainstream” media.

  • Paudeen Ostenson


  • Anonymous

    Yes!!! Looking forward to the new show & website offerings.

  • http://www.prospectctucc.org/ Michael Powe

    How embarrassing. The guy is 80 years old and can’t catch a break. Here is one reader, listener and viewer who thinks you’ve done yeoman’s work for an incredible career and even though you’d be missed, you’ve more than earned the respite. God bless.

  • Ellen Backke

    Thank goodness! There is so very little reliable reporting in today’s for-profit entertainment being passed off as news.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for being willing to continue. Yours is a *trusted* presence and voice. I hope that financial underwriting and other forms of support will be forthcoming to help ease the burden.

  • David Zarko

    Thank you Mr. Moyers. Keep the flame burning, and it is fine with me if you take a break now and then and train the next generation of great journalists… we need you, we need them.

  • Anonymous

    The US should have something like the Japanese “Living National Treasure”. Even when the guests views are diametrically opposed to my own the thoughtful and civil structure of the discourse helps with the communication. I may still not agree but I understand the POV better.

  • Nick

    Ear-to-ear grin. 😀

  • Shimmertrap

    During this tumultuous period of change the world is experiencing we need your kind of honest and open journalism more than ever. Keep fighting the good fight Mr. Moyers this new generation needs YOU. – 20 year old college student

  • Nancy Stender

    Our whole family is happy that you are continuing the show, albeit on a smaller scale. Our daughter has been watching episodes of “Moyers & Company” since she was very small (she is now 12) and every one of her teachers say she is the best informed 7th grader in their classes. We also appreciate the web clips and Facebook posts. A suggestion for a future episode: I hope you can dig around into allegations that Republicans/Tea Partiers/The Right were hacking the ACA website and find out if they are true.

  • Einstein44

    Your shows bring enlightment, intelligence and sanity, to our ever changing world. Thank you- a million times…

  • Rick

    Bill, I began following you when you produced the program “World of Ideas” and have followed you ever since. The book “World of Ideas” was one of the few books back then that I had read in completion. You have been a strong voice with Moyers and Company on many very important issues we face in our country and in the world and you did it with excellence. I hope many have opened their minds to you and your guests on issues discussed on your show. Although I would miss your dedication for truth, I totally understand that it may be time for you to step down, though you would be sorely missed.

  • Crys Payne

    So the deal is, retire or no, you’ll remain engaged. You may as well share the un-spun thoughts with your friends. I shared the good news/promo w/my friends on FB: Moyers and Company will not (retire and) go gently into that good night but instead will go to weekly :30m shows beginning January 10. The voice of the people is strong when they want to preserve a kinder, gentler, more cerebral discussion of current events … emphasizing once again that this “of the people, by the people, for the people … ” actually works. Check out Moyers and Company if you’ve not watched it … (Sunday mornings, PBS, 10:30a on Mediacom).

  • adam

    The best smartest show on TV lives on!

  • Iris Hageney

    True to your calling, you’ve decided to give even more to your faithful viewers who have come to rely on your dedicated journalism to find the truth and report it without bias. Thank you! Please take care of yourself and your precious time with family. We look forward to your new timeframe. God bless.

  • Gary Ryan

    Thank you for your dedication and your excellence as a journalist. I the next generation will foster great journalists as well. God bless you for your fine work.

  • Jennifer Dukes Howell


  • dan

    I have always thought of you as a true hero, never more than now. Keep tbe great work you do!

  • Anonymous

    I hope you find a decent successor and go ahead & retire when you’re ready! Thanks so much for your consideration of others above yourself. Bless you, Bill.

  • Alons-y

    Thank you for continuing. You are very much needed and appreciated. You are an example of what an investigative journalist should be and an example of decency, dignity, and common sense in dealing with the mess that is national politics. Please take care of yourself so you can continue informing us for many years to come.

  • Anonymous

    A much needed piece of good news. thank you, Bill.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Excellent! Thank-you!

  • Dona Susy

    Dear Bill Moyers, I’m so grateful you’ve reconsidered your decision to retire and will instead continue with a shortened program. Your civil, thoughtful voice is critically needed in these uncertain, troubled times. Thank you!

  • Robert Coates

    It’s just that you, Bill, do such a good job and put on a fine program.

  • Anonymous

    Words can’t express how much we (The wife and I) appreciate all the wisdom and clear headed reporting you have presented to us over the years! Grateful thanks to you and your staff for all the good works you have produced! Your retirement announcement made the wife cry… partly from joy and partly from despair… We both feel much better now. Thanks again, but don’t forget to take a vacation once in a while! Maybe Phil Donahue can sit in for yah and we could go fishing together? I’d like that! ~@; )

    Dale Jacobs and Linda Swartz

  • jluphl

    Thank GOODNESS! I am a new viewer and having discovered Moyers & Company only recently. I was just recommending the program to some like-minded friends and did not realize that it was going to end. So happy to hear that you will carry on. I am spreading the word and hope everyone else does the same to increase your viewership. I do hope you will be able to take some more time with your family and friends, but please bring in a co-host or groom another young person to help you carry the torch of the truth in news and programming. You are too vital to leave so soon and a much needed breath of fresh air. BRAVO to Bill Moyers & Company!

  • jluphl

    Thank GOODNESS! I am a new viewer, having discovered Moyers & Company only recently. I was just recommending the program to some like-minded friends and did not realize that it was supposed to end on Jan. 3rd. So happy to hear that you will carry on. I am spreading the word and hope everyone else does the same to increase your viewership. I do hope you will be able to take some more time with your family and friends, but please bring in a co-host or groom another young person to help you carry the torch of the truth in news and programming. You are too vital to leave so soon and a much needed breath of fresh air on TV. Loved the show with Jill Stein & Margaret Flowers. Will check out the film about Beethoven as well. BRAVO & CONGRATULATIONS to Bill Moyers personally & Company as well!

  • Pam A

    Dear Bill, you are a rare combination of intelligence, ethics and humility. Add to that your ability to connect to viewers, and the programs you make today will enlighten viewers who haven’t even been born yet. I’m working The Power of Myth videos into the college writing course I teach, and thanks to you, my students are learning about Joseph Campbell and the importance of myths in their lives. Nobody does it like you do. Thank you for giving of yourself to people who need to hear what you have to say.

  • michael michaels


  • Rebecca

    Thank you, Bill. Your insightful journalism has been a part of my entire adult life (and I am now in my fifties). The thought of having to learn to live without it felt like an upcoming death in the family.

  • Kathryn Alexander

    I am so happy I could cry! You are more loved than you know!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much.

  • Dianne

    Whew! I can understand wanting to “retire”, but from my selfish ego centric little world, I don’t want to have Bill Moyers go away! You make a great contribution to democracy! I just re-watched your program on Dollarocracy with John Nichols this morning (streaming). Your latest broadcast with Jill Stein and Margaret Flowers was fab. Thank you so much for your generous gifts.

  • Anonymous

    Like so many others I am pleased you will continue, even with an abbreviated format. One topic I think might be interesting to pursue has many layers, though it appears to be simply about the connection of nutrition and disease. Two books by T. Colin Campbell, The China Study, and Whole, published this year, address not only the issue of nutrition, which is completely underreported in a meaningful way, but also collateral issues that are essential as well, like the terrible state of our “health care” system, which is really about disease care, global warming caused in significant measure by animal food production, the proliferation of symptomatic approaches to diseases that are largely preventable as well as treatable by proper diet.

    If you have not read Campbell’s books I highly recommend them. He has no axe to grind; he’s as surprised that facts don’t seem to affect much in our society as no doubt you are that in the face of so much information regarding corruption everywhere, there is not greater action to address it.

    I appreciate your voice in the wilderness; you are an oasis in the desert of mainstream media, all bought and paid for by special interests.

  • Kelli Hernandez

    I’m so happy to hear this! Can’t wait for the Tom Joad interview..hehe….

  • Anonymous

    Bill, your programs and the way you embrace the topics of our time(s) IS the ONLY outlet for sane, calm and civil consideration of what is going on in the world….You and Tim Russert (RIP) were/are my ‘go to guys’…I just really don’t see anyone on the horizon who represents real journalistic inquiries into the world at large. Thank you for reconsidering and making the decision to continue on…Your message is the clear arm of the pendulum….

  • Pat Goldberg

    I am so so happy to hear this. I would so miss you and your show

  • Phil Lipari

    Bill, I am sure than many including myself consider you a national treasure. Along with Amy Goodman, you are one of the sanest and most informative people giving actual news to we the people, if we are wise enough to listen. As you are 28 years older than me to the day, about the same age as my retired father, I can perfectly understand your reasons for finishing your wonderful show, but I revel in being able to hear your voice some more, and the ideas and guests that make your program a must see. To the news that allows us to keep our freedoms, hopefully. Wishing you all the best.

  • Jane Smiley

    Hooray!!! sorry, but we consider you a public servant in the best sense and your length of service? Well, unlimited.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks a million, Bill. I just wish you weren’t so unique. Why?

  • BK


  • Anonymous

    I share the sentiments of all of those here who have expressed the same heart felt sigh of relief that comes when you know that life as it should be, will go on.

    Bill is one of the last real journalists, if not the last real journalist. Unfettered by corporate greed and the overlords of what passes off as news these days, his is a lone and courageous voice in the wilderness calling out the lies and highlighting truths for all of us to see. His broadcast is like a brilliant spark, an oasis in a dessert of lies and infotainment.

  • Cathy

    Wonderful news! Hip hip Huzzah!

  • Rhonda

    Thank God! We would go back to the dark ages without Bill.

  • Andrew Edwards

    this is great news!

  • Robert McMahon

    AWESOME! Thank you so much for producing your show!

  • Sam Frydman

    How wonderful to learn that your program will continue in 2014!

    Having followed your writing and TV programs for more years than I want to disclose; your continued presence in ‘mainstream’ media is critical to American democracy. You have been the voice for the under-represented; the economically crippled; the victims of American in-justice; and the diminishing middle class.

    Over the years, you have introduced America to conscientious, thoughtful, empathic, and thought-provoking people whose message is sometimes dire, sometimes uplifting but invariably steeped in facts as opposed to propaganda. Each week, there has been a focus on an issue critical to the lives of Americans. But, there appears to be an almost never ending series of new exploits, from the oppressive ‘political-economic’ class, designed to
    further limit, restrict or regress Americans freedoms, financial state, health
    and future happiness.

    The financial resources available to the oppressive ‘political-economic’ class have allowed for attacks on so many fronts that the opposition, the working American of
    every ‘color and stripe’, is thinned, stressed and overwhelmed. The oppressive ‘political-economic’ class maintains a simple core value – money and power growth at any cost. The balance of the opposition have many different values. The diversity in the opposition, a reflection of expanded possibilities, dilutes the ability to defeat the oppressive ‘political-economic’ class. In many respects, their strategy is
    similar to that of the North Vietnamese. Over time; the tactics of the North
    Vietnamese wore down the opposition and won. America’s ‘political-economic’
    class learned from the successful battle strategies from extreme right and
    extreme left. Theattacks have worn down the American opposition. American
    opposition to the unending onslaught by the ‘political-economic’ class can be
    as successful as the North Vietnamese. But there must be a strategy as simple
    for the opposition as that held by the ‘political-economic’ class

    If, Mr. Moyers, you do indeed read all your comments; then I look forward to a response; via email or via a special note on your website, to the following proposal…

    With access to so many great minds and people committed to improving life on so many fronts; you, Mr. Moyers, have an opportunity to bring about an event which could herald the equivalent of the Continental Congress of 1775-6. Announce a 3 to 5 day conference open to all the great minds you have interviewed over the years. Make that conference accessible to attendees from the middle class to the poor by presenting it simultaneously in theaters and colleges throughout America as well as on the internet live. The objective of the conference is not information dispersion;
    but rather the creation of a concrete document, a ‘Declaration of Independence’ for the 21st century. The 1770’s had King George. The 21st century has a more powerful ‘political-economic’ class.

    Today, there are dozens to hundreds of websites where the messages which would be presented at the conference have been made available. But the scattering of information, ideas and proposals maintains a weak opposition. That is why you can, if you choose, leave a legacy to America greater than that which you have already
    forged. This concept doesn’t need to fall on your shoulders. But your shoulders
    are among the few remaining Americans with the gravitas and credibility to
    carry such a life altering task.

    May you, Mr. Moyers, not only read this comment; but take action!
    As did notable figures like Jefferson, Adams, and Alexander, I am
    prepared to offer my own experience, time and life to such an honorable

  • Chris DiGangi

    Invaluable program! Sorry Bill , there’s just no up & comer that can take the torch and carry it as well…You’re just going to have to keep on keeping on the air ! :-)

  • Anonymous

    Whew! That was close! I hope you are training the next generation of Truth Tellers – it’s too important to leave to chance that someone will take up your mantle of excellence in reporting one day.

  • Scott Hicks

    Thank you…
    You help keep me motivated, hopeful and principled.
    Where can I donate?

  • Anonymous

    That’s good to hear, but can you figure out something useful to do with the other half hour.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Bill Moyers. I’m 72 and have been a fan of yourd for decades. I wouldn’t know how to proceed without your presence reminding me that there is indeed hope.

  • Bruce

    Mr. Moyers you have had a profound effect on many lives over the years and none more so than mine. I am extremely gratified that you will continue on your mission. May I suggest seeking out and offering not only your mentoring of but the opportunity to guest host your show for the next generation. There are many new faces on the scene but I would love to know you have personally vetted and approved of the right kind of honest and committed journalists and commentators for my grandchildren to listen to with the same respect I have for you.

  • mmazziotta

    Yeah! I am thrilled we still have Moyers as a forum for honest reporting. thank you forever!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Bill, you are a shining knight, if ever there was one that walked this Earth, and you are a shining light, without qualification.

  • Ann Glendinning

    Yippee!! I can continue watching TV. Thank you.

  • JonThomas


  • Joyce Dalman

    Civilization has never needed you more. Bill, your voice is a treasure we cannot bear to lose. Thank you for sticking with us.

  • Grateful Viewer

    Thank you times a hundred billion. To echo others, you are a lifeline.

  • Robert Johnson

    Dear Mr. Moyers; WE NEED YOU! We need your spirit! Although you are older than I, far apart in age we are not. Just as I did in the 60’s and 70’s, I recently started to participate, not only in “clicktavism”, but in actually going out on the streets and putting myself out there. Not just talking about what’s important to me, but actively showing the world what’s important, not only to me, but to everyone.

    I know the physical hardships brought on by time marching on. I am extremely pleased that you are going to continue to bring to the PBS audience the thoughts of the most articulate, progressive thinkers in the world today. You are not only needed but if you were not on the air, there would be a tremendous void that no one else could replace! Thank you for being you!

    P.S. Perhaps guest hosts? Maybe Tom Morello, Monika Bauerlein, Heather

    McGhee, Matt Taibbi, Chrystia Freeland……… On a rotating basis? What do you think?

  • Amy

    Dear Bill,
    Even though your show often seems to me to be bearing very bad news, I can think of no better news than that you will continue. Your television shows have done more than any other to get me thinking over the years, and I can’t thank you and your guest enough. Talk about thanksgiving: I am very thankful for all the you have presented to us throughout the years and I am not ready to do without your wonderful interviews. THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH for continuing!

  • Mino Akhtar

    The planet owes you as you hold up a mirror to our country the biggest superpower there ever was..we have so much to help the planet if we self-correct in time. Thank you!

  • Ellen

    I’ll miss an hour of Bill Moyers and guests a week, but I’m sure happy that you will continue with a half hour program. I have learned so much from you and your guests and I’m not ready to stop. Thank you.

  • B K Witt

    Thank you Bill for not leaving a void in our lives. Your program is one of the few we can depend on for speaking truth to power. So grateful you will continue your show!

  • http://CAUC2.net/ Amyrose33

    Oh, joy, joy. You SCARED me there for a moment.

  • George P. Miller

    Thank you, Bill! We know you’re no spring chicken and it must be hard for you to meet the demands of this weekly broadcast, but that only makes us appreciate you all the more. You have brought more clarity to what’s really going on today than I’ve seen anywhere else. Keep up the good fight.


    Mr. Moyers, thank you for continuing your important program. This country needs intelligent and thought provoking conversations that engenders critical thinking. You need you to stick around until we can clone you for future generations.

  • Denise Johnson

    Thank you. My first thought was who can you hand the torch, who have you mentored? We need this fact based discussion.

  • CJSeymour

    Dear Bill,

    I am sorry that it took your announcement about the end of Moyers & Company to register the outpouring of appreciation and respect that you and your show have long deserved. I regret that I neglected to tell you often enough how much your work has meant to me throughout your extraordinary career as a trusted researcher and interpreter of current events. It was ungrateful of me, and like a spoiled child caught in an act of gross inconsideration, I bend a knee in apology, hat in hand.

    Your willingness to keep the flow of information going after you step down typifies the character you have modeled since the very beginning. It is that flawless character of yours–singular in its integrity, unfailingly courageous, unique in its sincerity–that makes Bill Moyers Bill Moyers. As much as I’d like to say I have total faith in the “& Company” that follows in your footsteps, I cannot. Oh, I’ll be pulling for them, giving them every benefit of the doubt, but in the end, it will be up to the Company to prove their own character and reliability. They have the most enviable launch imaginable, starting from the very highest rung of contemporary journalism, and your loyal viewers will be flying high hopes for their success. You may rely on it.

    As you enter the next phase of your remarkable life, please know that the millions of us who consider you a personal friend will be keeping your memory alive long after you no longer are. Generations from now, your name will still be uttered with reverence, signifying the inspired greatness your life has come to represent. No doubt such a claim embarrasses you for the very reason that it is true! You have managed the unimaginable: You became an institution without ever being compromised. Not bad for a life’s work, Mr. Moyers. Not bad at all.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for all you do and have done.

  • Stew

    I am very glad the show will continue. Thank You!

  • JR

    I too am thrilled that the show will continue! The Moyers & Company broadcasts are an invaluable public service. I can’t thank you enough for your generosity and for giving the next generation a bit more time to listen and learn.

  • LB

    This is the lst time I’ve been in your website but have been watching your weekly TV show for the past year. I’ve learned so much and am very happy to hear you will be continuing the program at a half hour time. Thank you for continuing the program.

  • Anonymous

    I will truly miss you.

  • Anonymous

    Oh no. I am just now figuring out how to post comments. I have always loved your show. I will miss you.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like an addict who has been denied his choice of addiction. I so love Mr Moyers shows. They are like brief moments of sanity in an insane asylum we call journalism. The antithesis of Fox News. I know Mr Moyers cannot continue his work forever despite my dear wish that he could. Someday he will leave us to his well deserved retirement but it is something I really don’t like to recognize as something that might come to pass. Thank you Mr Moyers. Thank you Mrs Moyers (both Mrs Moyers). Thank for the people who have worked so dedicatedly to bring his journalism to the people. You are some of the people that give me hope for the future. Thank you,

  • http://www.facebook.com/RPManke.solar RevPhil Manke

    Thank You, Bill, and Company. You all will live on as truth always does. May your company serve your ongoing legacy and be always aware of your many blessings to us all, and the bigger picture that your awareness serves.

  • Anil Babbar

    Thank goodness you are continuing! Our choices for great programming like yours is rapidly decreasing.

  • David F. Marler, MD

    Hi, Bill.

    Just watched the first part of the DeGrasse show…it was exellent. Although I have liked the 1-hour format, the 30-minute show may be more conducive to our younger viewers…. Anyway, please continue to put out your message.


  • Janice Peters-Hill

    Thank you so much for all the great informative reporting you have given us over the years. Yours was the only reporting that I felt was as truthful , knowledgeable and straightforward. The discussions gave me so much food for thought. Thank goodness we will still have the half hour to listen and learn.

  • Tarun

    This is by far the BEST program on television. I just read this post and realized that Bill was considering wrapping the show up in Jan, but has instead chosen to change its duration. I’m so thankful he is continuing, because I am not sure anybody else could take the baton and inform the public of what really matters on a regular basis like Bill does. Bill, you are an integral part of our lives; please never stop doing this show!

  • Anonymous

    Although I was initially shocked, and even angered, to find that one of my very favorite television programs had been cut in half, time-wise, now that I fully understand the rationale and (shudder) alternative of having no Bill Moyers at all, I am quite grateful and relieved to know that Bill & Co. will continue with some of the best, insightful broadcast journalism still available. Bill – you ROCK!

  • Anonymous

    Re: “the 30-minute show may be more conducive to our younger viewers”

    Quite unfortunately, you may be correct… which makes it a very sad statement on viewers’ attention spans in absorbing extremely important insight and perspective on the news and current affairs, in general. Sigh…

  • Anonymous

    I am so very glad that Bill Moyers decided to keep his “Moyers & Company” TV show on the air. I watch it every week. America needs you, Mr. Moyers.

  • Richard Wurtz

    Thanks for continuing with your program Bill. My wife and I have been watching you for too many years to be mentioned and have always felt it was one of the best things that can be seen on TV. We’ve watched you change and become more activist, too, even though you have to be one of the most skillful and balanced interviewers out there. Your endless contacts of totally amazing, brilliant citizens that really want to make things better is such a needed tonic for our times. Thank you, thank you, thank you.