Michael Pollan on Rethinking School Lunch

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Could the secret to improving American health lie in school? In this November 2008 Moyers Moment from Bill Moyers Journal, author and food activist Michael Pollan recommends a new way of thinking about school lunches — economically, nutritionally and politically. He says it can result in a healthier population, an economic stimulus and the promotion of good lifelong habits.

Watch Pollan’s full conversation with Bill Moyers.

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  • Shelly Boatwright

    Completely accurate and the right direction, but Ag. is a sacred cow and one huge slush fund for corrupt politicians, bureacrats, bankers and corporations who couldn’t care less about children’s health. They will NEVER let this happen

  • Michael Schauerte

    The school lunches in Japan (where I live) are a good model to follow, I think. My daughters attend public school in Tokyo and I’m amazed by the variety and healthiness of the food they’re served. I wrote an article on this subject last year

    It has some interesting photos and video clips of how the school lunches are made and then dished out to the students.

  • Kaitlyn Fredricks

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  • guest

    they will if we mandate it

  • Anonymous

    More fundamental and less politically tolerable: if the children need lunches, the whole family is probably hungry. We should feed and educate families and then let the parents feed and teach the children. In my neighborhood, schools open in the summers just to provide lunches to the same students who need lunch during the year because that’s the only steady meal they get.

  • NoGMO

    Start with banning all GMO foods!

  • NoGMO

    Ban Aspartame, Sucralose, Sacrine, and alike! Use only trul natural “organic” foods; And NO GMO!

  • Anonymous

    Also no MSG, sulfates, nitrates, less meat, less starch (especially wheat), and more vegetables and fruit. Local produce is a good idea, but in some states, there is very little local produce during the school year. Kids need nutrients found mostly in fruits, vegetables, and fish for healthy brain and body development.

  • Anonymous

    REally, GMOs are designed to take a pounding from Round Up and still survive. All these chemicals are suppose to be in amounts low enough to not bother the average person. Most persons are unique, not average and when you add up all the poisons (weed killer, bug killer, growth hormones, preservatives, flavor enhancers, food dyes, and on and on) the cumulative effect must be damaging. Wonder why there is such a high rate of autism, ADHD, asthma, around today?

  • Socialmedic

    If the country thinks it is going to migrate towards all organic healthy eating while importing scores of immigrants? Let’s face it. A healthy diet can not be distributed among 300 million Americans much less the 7 billion population it wants to import. There is a LARGE land to human ratio involved in human sustainability … in which we are not talking mere sustenance but we are talking a diet that is not conducive to degenerative diseases. People, the world over, are going to have choose between breeding the human race to oblivion and a diet that will send them to an early grave, or temperance and healthy eating.

  • Socialmedic

    We should not encourage breeding.

  • Lynda Swanson

    Used to be that the Ag. and the school system had a good relationship. When the healthy schools programs came about in the50’s to feed the masses of boomers, everyone was on board with the theme ~ turning out productive, healthy citizens. And then came the idea that if we cut here and replace there, we can make a bigger profit. In the dumper ever since. As in all other things that we have sacrificed for the all mighty dollar, we have sold our own kids to the corporations. Too late? Not if we wake up.

  • Judy Artis

    We have a chef at our school who scratch cooks and makes fresh healthy soup every day. We have four lines to choose from and there is fresh fruit and veggies on each line. The kids even have a beautiful salad bar. Our lunch ladies are cute and young and the kids love us…so there!

  • Anonymous

    Stop eating animals. That will help in more ways than one.

  • Anonymous

    How about parents shoulder the responsibility of their children’s diet and nutrition and pack healthy lunches for their offspring. It’s not difficult!

  • Lorry frey

    I don’t like the word breeding but agree with the concept that the earth’s carrying capacity is going. Of course if we support GMO’s we can feed more people. Does that make sense? Why are we killing planned parenthood, the only sensible agent in this world of religious zealots who promote this overpopulation.

  • Anonymous

    And yet you hate that parents might actually receive food stamps…make up your mind.

  • Bob W.

    Yup. Too many people in the world. The value of a human life goes down every day. Accessible Abortion is a must!

  • Quebarbera!

    Well, don’t we understand that many parents don’t or can’t? They may be ignorant around what makes up healthy food, lack the funds to supply good, healthy food, or not even be there to send them off with a good lunch. Children will not necessarily choose nutritious food even it it’s available, and we know this about kids. Let’s be realistic, hmm?

  • Quebarbera!

    Right, the whole family may very well be hungry for the simple reason that their income simply won’t stretch to include nutritious food. We all know that fruit and vegetables cost a great deal more than hot dogs and white buns. Educating the parents as to what makes up a nutritious diet is not going to work if they don’t have the money to fund it.

  • Quebarbera!

    I agree that some families have more mouths to feed than what they can afford. But if anything is a must, it is to raise the hourly wage to a living wage, and to tax the rich proportionately. The degree to which taxes are evaded by corporations and companies is appalling. There MUST be more evenly divided wealth in the country. Too many people are going hungry and/or suffering from poor health because of a lack of good, basic, nutritious food. The greedy MUST be accountable for their profits — ill-gained or otherwise. This is where the hugest MUST lies in this nation of tremendous disparity between rich and poor.

  • Rat_Fink_Forever

    Don’t they try to empty the freezers full of whale meat in some school lunches?

  • 2borknot2b

    AMEN!!! L.

  • PH

    “7 billion population it wants to import”, hyperbole much?

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Where is this school?

  • liltes

    I do this. It’s not that easy.