“United States of Surveillance”

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Cartoonist Mark Fiore’s “Snuggly the Security Bear” says that NSA domestic spying is nothing to worry about “unless you’re a terrorist, a treasonous leaker or a fan of the Bill of Rights.”

Watch Snuggly make his fuzzy case.

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  • Lyn Reith Barrett

    There’s an error on this video and it won’t complete. Maybe they can repost it.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Lyn,

    Sorry you’re having trouble. We just double-checked the video and it is working on our end. You may want to try using a different browser.

    -John @ Moyers

  • Lyn Reith Barrett

    Thanks for checking it out, John. I just played again and it went through the video okay. I’m on Safari and don’t know what went wrong before, but it stopped at 24 seconds twice.

  • RRuss

    Why is it that no one seems to be concerned that the governments work is being done by private corporations. These corporations do not have the restraints of the Constitution, and can do what governments cannot. Then the government can then require the corporation to share that information, and thereby circumvent the limitations of the Constitution. All the while, the corporations become more powerful than the government. I fear that is all part of the plan.

  • ElisianTime

    Many Americans are concerned about the new corporatocracy, but we don’t show up on polls. How the narrative of “American’s seem unconcerned about surveillance” etc. gets traction is by sheer repetition. This becomes a ‘factoid,’ or what Pratkanis & Aaronsen called facts that appear in media ONLY with no basis in truth. These are the Goebels style opinion making moments that news people repeat with such confidence that then cascades through the system. These constructed narratives are copies and more copies with no originals, but they are persuasive because the media repeats them so often they make them “true”.

    Won’t it be lovely when our whole lives, including our medical records, are available in cyberspace to streamline this surveillance society? ((insert sarcasm))

  • rruss

    The fact that this conversation is happening is the result of an unknown system administrator telling the world it was happening. Now he is living without a life and we are forgetting him. This is the media corporate world we live in. It’s a tragedy.

  • Steven Mark Coble

    What do you mean WHEN? 1984 is HERE already. And you don’t even know the beginning of it. Wait until someone parks 4 Helicopter gun ships over you house………… yeah. Then you’ll know for sure. Made a believer out of me. When you finally learn the truth, you’ll understand just how insignificant we really are.