Watch Alex Gibney’s ‘Park Avenue’

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Those of you who read Jane Mayer’s article in The New Yorker about PBS, David Koch and Alex Gibney’s documentary might be interested in watching the film at the center of the controversy. Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream originally aired on public television on November 12, 2012, but is available to watch in its entirety online. In it, the Academy Award-winning director makes the argument that America’s richest citizens have “rigged the game in their favor” and created unprecedented inequality in the United States.

Longtime fans of Moyers & Company will recognize two economists who appear in the film. Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson are the authors of Winner-Take-All Politics: How Washington Made the Rich Richer — And Turned Its Back on the Middle Class and appeared on the first episode of the show to talk about how income inequality was politically engineered.

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    The film is based on the bestselling book 740 Park by Michael Gross, which can be purchased at

  • Vernon Reed

    I’m downright shaking mad. This is the stuff that makes me want to turn communist, as repellant as that is! I’ll try and be charitable in the face of so much kleptocracy, but these sociopaths are apparently not satisfied with amassing the entire physical world: they want to supplant our supposedly-Christian values system with a worship of our own impoverishment.

  • Emerald Griffin

    I’m surprised that Republicans want to protect the citizenry’s right to bear arms in light of this Park Avenue Monopoly phenomenon. The next civil war will be between those who own America and those who are America.

  • Pete Joachim

    karl Marx wasn’t all that wrong about capitalism – when it runs rampant with no oversight.

  • Frank Higgins

    Send all the homeless into the neighborhood and the doorstep of 740 Park Ave.

  • Strawman411

    Their efforts to de-fund public education are the most damning, in my opinion. Among other impoverishing consequences, insufficient education leads to what is required for the 1%ers to successfully keep pulling the wool over our eyes: an electorate bereft of basic critical thinking skills.

  • Boiester

    I so agree. The debt our children are taking on is crippling them and our middle class. It is despicable. Why do we allow it? However, distance education offerings may in the longer run, deal effectively with this issue. But my son’s generation is doomed and set up to fail because of debt.

  • sandra ericksen

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  • Strawman411


  • LouiseM

    It’s obvious that the residents of 740 Park Avenue have absolutely no need for approximately 70% of the American citizenry. They need mid-level bureaucrats to be their servants in the corporate offices, They need young men And women who graduate from high school with no opportunity; those go into their armies. They need servants.

    Everyone else is not only expendable, but should be eliminated. This is why babies born in certain sections of Ohio -the poor, impoverished,ones – have a higher mortality rate than babies born in the Gaza Strip. Those citizens who hit 50 are deprived of work, and the health insurance that comes with it, so that they will die of “natural causes” – diseases that AREsurvivable if treated, and fatal if not. They *want* to eliminate as many Baby Boomers as possible before they can collect on the Social Security and Medicare fund. Why? Because these are the people that have been paying double FICA since 1982, creating a Social Security Trust Fund, which the plutocrat-owned Congress has borrowed to give tax cuts to the wealthiest, and pay for the privatization of as many government functions as possible. (If it can’t be privatized and turned into graft, that government function will be eliminated.)

    The rest of it – the destroyed ecosystems, the loss of lives and jobs and whole geographical areas, the deaths from newly-emerging diseases – all of that is a feature, no bug, of their plan. They are able to sacrifice billions to climate change and lost habitats. They intend to.

    We in the Modern Age have always compared ourselves to the eras of the recent past. What we should be looking at is the Feudal System that ruled Europe and parts of Asia for centuries. There is a New Aristocracy, comprised of nobles, their armies, their lackeys, and their entitled noble descendants. The rest of us are vassals or serfs. Can it be stopped? Just barely – but only if Americans realize what is happening and vote for utter change. Soon they will not be able to do even that, as the franchise will soon be returned to its “original intent” of landowning voters,

  • groovy joker

    It is interesting how the 1% of the 1% have the most horrid teeth. In fact, they don’t look like they take care of themselves. The rich lobbyist had clean teeth. I have clean teeth. Most of you clean your teeth. I realized, the lobbyist, you and I need to impress people. We work with others and need to show that we take care of ourselves, and that our word should be listened to. A good appearance helps this. But the 1% of the 1% does not have anyone they need to impress. They don’t need to have white teeth. They don’t need to make sure their facial appearance or dress is professional. Can you think about what it would be living life like that? “It must be pretty lonely at the top” they say. I looked up some pictures of other wealthy people, like the Rockefellers (google David image), and when it comes to personal appearances, these people simply look unhealthy.