Bruce Fein and John Nichols on George W. Bush and Presidential Overreach

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In this 2007 Moyers Moment from Bill Moyers Journal, Constitutional scholar Bruce Fein and journalist John Nichols discuss how George W. Bush, during his administration’s “war on terror,” claimed powers never intended for the president. They also cite other historical examples of both wisdom and weakness in how the executive branch wielded its authority.

Fein argues that we can defeat terror without sidestepping our integral system of checks and balances. “No one wants to downgrade the fact that we have abominations out there and people want to kill us,” he tells Bill. “But we should not inflate the danger and we should not cast aside what we are as a people.”

Watch Bill’s full conversation with Fein and Nichols here.

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  • Tim Zank

    Bring all three of these guys back together now in 2013 and ask them about Obama and drones, indefinite detention and Libya just for starters…and maybe remind them WHO locked up 120,000 Japanese in the 40’s? That would be a DEMOCRAT PRESIDENT with an EXECUTIVE ORDER #9066. Liberalism is a disease….

  • Shari Palacio

    DIS-ease . . .