Jonathan Haidt on Morality in Politics

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Current partisan flare-ups over filibuster reform, gun control, and the fiscal cliff don’t provide much hope for bipartisan compromise, but does the difference between conservatives and liberals go deeper than just their policy positions? In this Moyers Moment from Moyers & Company, social psychologist Jonathan Haidt describes six categories of moral concerns — including compassion, liberty, loyalty, and authority — and how those on the Right and the Left exhibit these qualities very differently.

Watch the full conversation between Bill and Dr. Haidt.

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  • Sadie Custer

    And now remain faith hope and love but the greatest of these is Love!

  • Mike Anderson

    The Chart was somewhat misleading, if Conservatives feel that those are all equally important, then they should all be weighted in the middle, not higher than the Liberal equivalent. In other words, if there is a total amount of “weight” that both sides can allot, then that weight should add up to the same total, giving a closer approximation in each individual category on an item-to-item basis.

    While I understand this isn’t supposed to scientifically represent the polling data, it would be more appropriate to normalize the chart as to not mislead viewers into thinking that Liberals value things like Loyalty less than one-quarter as much as Conservatives.

    Here is a more accurate representation of your pseudo-data:

    This assumes the same number of “tics” for each group, and disperses them equally.

  • Connie Williams

    I completely disagree that the conservatives do better at connecting with American people and being the party of moral values…I find conservative ‘moral values’ suspect.

  • ccaffrey

    …Mr. Moyers, WHY do you keep having this guy on? Although not QUITE as scathiing in my comments, I side with Chris Hedges on his I find most of Haidt’s conclusions self-justifying for his own “conversion”. to conservatism. Even a brief look at the work of Piaget and Kohlberg’s stages of moral development show the lack of depth of Haidt’s analysis. There are people in other fields with comparative analyses of people by political orientatoin — George Lakoff and the people at Cognitive Policy Works come to mind. But PLEASE, invite some other guests to discuss this very important. issue.

  • David Rittenour

    Especially when they are so often found in compromising positions, e.g. cheating on their wives. Not that it doesn’t happen to Liberals, but it’s almost a 20:80 split.