America’s Perennial Gender Wage Gap

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The gender wage gap still persists in America. For awhile, the gap was closing, but census data shows that it has recently stagnated, with women earning about $o.77 for every dollar paid to men.

During a 40-year career, women earn, on average, $431,000 less than men. And this gender wage gap begins immediately: A 2012 study found that, even adjusting for factors that could impact entry-level pay rates — such as children, marriage and different work experience — women still made 18 percent less in their first job out of college.

American workplace inequality is laid out nicely in this infographic from

Equal Education, Unequal Pay infographic

Equal Education, Unequal Pay infographic (via

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  • 2NDS0N

    We’re still hearing this misleading statistic??? This is not an apples
    to apples comparison. Yes, women IN GENERAL make anywhere from 77% to
    82% of what men IN GENERAL make. However, in every honest study about
    why this is you see that the
    primary reasons have to do with individual choices. When women choose
    to marry and have children they tend to work less and the husband takes
    up the financial slack while the wife takes on the primary role of
    raising their children. As well, studies show that in more advanced
    countries, like America and in Europe, women have greater financial
    security in terms of the occupations they choose. And they tend to
    choose occupations that tend to pay less than those that men gravitate
    to. It’s the difference between being a teacher or being an engineer.
    Yes, the pay is different. Further, college educated men tend to take
    more advanced degrees than do college educated women. So, while there
    may very well be gender discrimination in the workplace, discrimination
    is the LEAST responsible for the pay discrepancy between men as a whole
    and women as a whole. Next time be HONEST!

  • Jerry Boggs

    After posting all the colorful pictures, charts, and so forth, when will you think about such examples of why women earn less as this:

    “In 2011, 22% of male physicians and 44% of female physicians worked less than full time, up from 7% of men and 29% of women from Cejka’s 2005 survey.”

    Mind you, these are some of the most sophisticated, educated women CHOOSING to earn less than their male counterparts in the exact same profession.

    For more examples, see “Will the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act Help Women?”

  • Jerry Boggs

    Re: ” Next time be HONEST!”

    Ideologues such as Bill Moyer can’t be honest about such issues. Their goal is to promote women as a class of victims. Honesty has nothing to do with it.

  • 2NDS0N

    and women tend to make different choices based on differing priorities.
    Men tend to prioritize pay and advancement, while women tend to
    prioritize flexibility and quality of life. In my opinion, it’s women
    who have the better, more enlightened priorities. When you base
    EVERYTHING on a single indicator, like income, you end up with
    misleading conclusions.

  • Are You Kidding Me?!

    Only 3% of women are CEO’s, for example, and you say its because Men chose to become a CEO and women chose not to. BULLSHUDDER! Can you provide links for those ”HONEST” studies? Why do I already know they’re PAID for. There’s no question a decade out of work IN GENERAL kills a career. Never-the-less in ALL professional careers in EVERY Industry Men earn more than Women for the same job. The rest of that is a smokescreen!

  • SociologyProf

    To those of you who are skeptics: what we call “the gender wage gap” is derived from all data collected on full time workers in the labor force, so yes, there are many factors that go into it. However, if you break these stats down and compare women with no children to their male counterparts, you still see a significant wage gap. If you compare women and men in the same field, you still see a significant wage gap. If you were to do a study of my employer (a public university), for example, you might see that the starting salaries for male professors are higher than those of female professors, all other things being equal. To say that the gender wage gap is only a result of individual choices is to deny that discrimination and bias exist.

  • the old perfesser

    It’s not with individual choice, 2ndson. Women hired for the same positions make less, whether the job require a high school diploma or an MBA in Finance. Yes, it’s true that there are still women who choose gender-specific jobs like librarian or per-school teacher (but that is less true than it was three decades ago). But women are still offered less money than men for the same jobs, women’s jobs get less compensation even when they are equally important and complex.

  • the old perfesser

    exactly! And even in areas like corporate leadership, the pattern is evident. The U of Wisconsin surveyed their business school graduates and found that women were offered less money (5%) for the same jobs. The researchers wondered whether the women presented weaker credentials (like lower GPA or less professional internship experience) but found that the women had higher GPAs and more internship experience.

  • D. Sullivan

    Elementary Public School teachers in CA have suffered 40 years of Pay Disparity. Teacher who change school districts, despite their higher qualification: MA, effectiveness, measuted statistically significant gains, have Salaries Written by CTA & Teachers Assocition in collusion with most all Elementary Public School Districts that place the at a step 5-7, despite that they have succesfully, effectively taught for 10-12-15 years. Blatant Disparity in pay of women. Because women most often relocate for family needs. Who benefits? The CTA Teachers Association teachers who began in that School District, have the artificial longevity. School Boards, Administrations & Teachers have continued to collude in this Pay diparity that can be $10,000 years or more, thus also very negatively affecting their retirement because written salary schedules Never allow them to catch up in pay. Read 30+ years of various CA Elementary Teachers Salary Schedules. The fine print at bottom of those pages Evidence my statements . These strongly suggrst collusion & anti-trust activity by School Districts & CTA & Teacher Associations. Appears to be Fraud, RICO. Against those who are to instill into the young our Country is supposed to stand for Liberty & JUSTICE FOR ALL. (except some) Any teacher who professionally addresses this issue of PAY DISPARITY is HARASSED, THREATENED, SLANDED, LIBLED. OFTEN FORCED INTO LEAVING TEACHING ( as RETALIATION & COVERUP for CTA & School Districts Illegalities & Violations of Civil Rights of Teachers & Students. Pay Disparity in Elementary teaching persists. Who will take this Civil Rights Cause & represent these highly effective teachers who ate/were the ones with Instutional knowledge to enable students to succeed? Instead US has had 40 years of Academic Decline. The Correlation is clear & can be shown through research. No one seems to dare endeavor!