Caption the Cartoon: Santa’s Sponsors

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Sleigh Sponsors

What would Santa’s elves say if the big guy’s sleigh became the victim of Christmas capitalism? Let us know in this holiday edition of Caption the Cartoon — and feel free to be both naughty and nice. As always, our editors will pick one to add to the official Caption the Cartoon Winners’ Gallery.

Cartoon by Norman Dapito.

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  • KJS

    I thought our union would have been the last to disappear. The little guy is just a stooge of the corporate giants. I guess we’ll work for one of them now… Merry Christmas and welcome to …

  • MysticJanet

    Not sure what’s wrong with this sleigh; it’s not homespun or something?

  • P.W. Fenton

    “Without those endorsements he would get more than 20 miles from the International Dateline.”

  • Clinton Freeman

    Another hostile takeover by a hedgefund!

  • P.W. Fenton

    “Without those endorsements he wouldn’t get more than 20 miles from the International Dateline.”

  • Rob

    this is bad but even worse is the GE Logo on Rudolphs nose

  • Richard Freeman

    Why do you say . . . “if” the big guy’s sleigh . . .

  • James R. Bruton

    Thing is, this’ll only bring in enough to re-hire half the raindeer.

  • Chance

    Jingle coins. Jingle coins. Jingle to the bank. Oh what fun it is to ride to higher profits tonight.

  • Durango Dude

    Sir – the deer thought the logos were instructions – so Santa had lots of pellets shooting at him.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I guess we won’t be giving toys away any more. But where are we going to mount the credit card machine?

  • Linda Bechter

    Guess the reindeer left when the tattoo artist arrived to put the corporate sponsors logos on them.

  • EvasiveEsther

    Yikes! Looks as if our jobs have been outsourced!

  • Edward Bastian Liu

    And the whole thing is towed by a blinking John Deere 5000

  • American Kiwi

    I guess Santa did go over the fiscal cliff.

  • Luke

    Do you think that we could start putting corporate logos on our representatives and senators?

  • Polonius

    Replacing the venerable Mr. Claus this year is Danica Patrick…

  • Anonymous

    The NRA wants their logo on there somewhere since they’re sitting shotgun.

  • Paul Lyons

    The deer have walked off the job. Do we have to pull this out of trouble?

  • Robert Gaudio

    Now I know why Santa wanted me to sew a large Nike swoosh on his lapel!

  • k1817

    ♫ It’s beginning to look a lot like commerce, everywhere you go… ♫

  • beachcat007

    “These are the easy ones. How are we gonna explain the VAGASIL logo to the kiddies?”

  • baba

    Last time I saw him, he was asking Papa John about Obamacare.

  • Steve Ohno

    Yeah, well, it’s not as bad as Viagra getting exclusive rights to the Cross at Easter. Something about wanting to keep the erection in Resurrection.

  • Michele Worthington

    They stole Christmas and they need our help to sell it back.

  • Ed Lucas

    Dude. You know what this means… first all this and then our asses are gonna be canned so Amazon can get our gig. Expletive!

  • Patricia A Hakala

    Well, yeah! But will it fly in Peoria?

  • Stephan Vertal

    Just another phase since Santa is already dressed in red from a past Coca-cola campaign.

  • Susan Scerbo

    Aww, those corporate tricksters… A Christmas sleigh-t of hand!

  • Questor1

    Looks like the Corporate types convinced Santa to quit being the “Spirit of Giving”, and absconded with all the toys we made for the kids!

  • Anonymous

    Thugs put graffiti on Sant’s sleigh; break out the paint to make it simple and silent again.

  • Connie Williams

    I haven’t seen chrome like that since the 50’s!

  • Greg W

    “No kidding, Blitzen said the FAA didn’t like the way they took care of the reindeer waste. Comet decided to give them something to aim at, and Fred’s his co-pilot this year! Too funny!”

  • berrnadene

    There really must be a war on Christmas!

  • 47%er

    Yeah. You’re right. There is no room for the toys, but it doesn’t matter since the 1% took ’em anyway.

  • Craig Paterson

    This gives “Ho, ho, ho” a whole new meaning!

  • pasqueflower

    I overheard Santa mention downsizing, but I thought we were safe — we’re small already!
    Guess I missed something….

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had it with this commercialization of Christmas. I’m thinking…dental school. You with me?

  • Ricardo

    Santa’s a Republican???

  • Mark Reynolds

    Uh, I don’t know, but don’t you think this presents some sort of conflict of interest?

  • Ricardo

    Debacle South of 34th Street….

  • Coozoe

    Wait till you see his suit.

  • Cynthia Faisst

    If you think this is bad, wait till you see what they asked him to wear this year.

  • ricardo

    Toto… I don’t think we’re at the North Pole anymore….

  • ricardo

  • Annette Hughes

    WOW ! ! Marketing Dept. sure has modernized ! !

  • wdb

    Things just haven’t been the same around here since Santa got elected..

  • Cyndi Fisher

    “I did, I checked it… twice! Apparently, it’s only naughty if you’re prosecuted…”

  • Grinnin

    It can’t fly without da-dear-Deers… Who unhitched the t-t-TEAM!? Are the da-dear-Deers at a tea party?

  • Johnsonrails

    So is this the naughty or nice sleigh?

  • Need Newway

    Dear Santa: Is this what will happen when your home melts?