Caption the Cartoon: Animal House

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With so much territorial, antagonistic and cagey behavior going on in Washington, our whole political system can seem like a zoo at times — and our cartoonist imagined it exactly that way. Now all it needs are your clever words. Submit captions below that share your point of view, and please don’t feed the politicians.

Our editors will pick one to add to the official Caption the Cartoon Winners’ Gallery.

Cartoon by Norman Dapito.

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  • Tyson Smith

    It’s crazy how much people pay to come and see these things…

  • Anonymous

    “I knew we shouldn’t have let them follow all that election coverage.”

  • Anonymous

    “Really doesn’t matter which end it comes out of — it’s all the same crap.”

  • Anonymous

    “Well, the one on the left wants to distribute the extra food equally to everyone, while the one on the right thinks it should mostly go to those at the bottom of the food chain.”

  • Anonymous

    “You’re gonna need a bigger shovel.”

  • John E. Riutta

    Maybe we should just stick to breeding Pandas; it was easier.

  • Qua

    “I swear, this one just winked at me.”

  • Hugh Jim Bissell

    “Well looki’dat! I thought only the monkeys could throw feces.”

  • Reagantruth

    The donkey got caged for kickin’ up your healthcare benefits. You’re really gonna need that shovel for the other one!

  • pc

    This is all your fault… nuh uhh, its all your fault….

  • Brian McManus

    “They’re both constipated, and if they don’t get a movement soon, we roll them off the fiscal cliff.”

  • Peter Gatliff

    “Yeah they picked the right animal for their party”. “It’s always a bigger mess with the Republicans”.

  • Ʊ Shelley Hjellum Ʊ

    Elipnino- ReDonkulous!

  • e-pluribus unum

    so where is our third party?

  • Dale

    The public don’t like either one of them, did you call the glue factory?

  • thinkor

    I don’t know, but the big guy’s got a real bad disposition.”

  • Scotty

    Why can’t you just get along…. we are all just capitalists….

  • nita

    “They used to compromise and get along pretty well, but lately there’s been a lot of name calling……ass, dumbo among other names: and now neither one will budge on anything…”.

  • Rod Spears

    I am not sure, but neither one of them has moved in about 6 years!

  • Anonymous

    Sell them both to zoos on different contanants,start over with new stock

  • glbanks

    “So they lock them up and then go have boat drinks with the loot.”

  • Patty E

    “Looks like they’re finally where they belong – behind bars.”

  • Guest

    “I think we’re going to need a bigger shovel”

  • Bill

    You won’t need the shovel. Neither one ever goes . . .they just pass a whole lot of gas.

  • quaker angie

    I think we need to give them each their own shovel and let them clean up their own messes.

  • Jonathan Hladik

    “You brought a shovel? I asked you to bring a bulldozer.”

  • Gina de Miranda

    What can you do when they won’t eat, they won’t sleep and all they do is argue? The zoo caught fire and they were still at it…Maybe it’s brain fever…

  • pension7ed

    You can have the Elephant. Hi stinks just as much, but there’s a helluva lot more of it.

  • Gail Hunn

    Don’t bother to clean the cages. They’ve been sold – they’re Wall Street’s problem now.

  • DJ

    Now where are the Baboons?? if we are going shovel poop for the rest of the day, their cage is the dirtiest!

  • Jon

    This is the third time-out this week.

  • Deb Somfay

    I think we need to crossbreed these two and fast!! Miracles CAN happen!

  • Gerskerski

    FOX News wants to know when their next shipment will arrive. They’re running low.

  • Mike Black

    “I guess it’s time that somebody has to clean up their mess.”

  • David N Jane Shepherd

    Gimme this one. He looks smarter.

  • Margo

    “They used to have a circus act together,
    But they refused to learn new tricks.”

  • Anonymous

    Welp, the people have spoken. Let the donkey out.

  • Marion Millin

    “The clowns say they’re stealin’ their act.”

  • Larry

    “Nothing to clean up now, but if things don’t get back to working normally, we’re going to have to give them a physic, Cliff.”

  • Marion Millin

    “Some beasts are more equal than others.”

  • Serene Voice

    They’ve been this way every since we painted the donkey’s hooves black.

  • Tom

    They’re each blaming the other one for the poop we have to shovel up.

  • mgrindiego

    Which one do you think will go first?

  • Rick Mancuso

    D’ya think we ougtta tell ’em that THEY ARE BOTH ENDANGERED?

  • Get Their Attention

    Ditch the shovel, get a 2×4.

  • Thedorkinme

    Left:”I can’t get them to move!”
    Right:”Why did they go in there?”

  • RJ Hawkins

    Somebody has to clean up their mess and, by the way, you’ll have to do it in 30 hours rather than full time

  • Coozoe

    If you think they’re mad now, put them in the same cage.

  • Dryeck

    “Now that you got them back into their cages maybe we can begin to clean up their mess.”

  • Anonymous

    I suggest we just ignore the cage on the left.

  • cosmicmariner

    They’ll be picked
    up in a few minutes to shoot the last scene in the remake of Thelma and Louise.

  • Michael Meltzer

    Neither one smells very good. Maybe they both need scrubbing!

  • Judy Capper


  • Sanjna

    “Give me back my key you moron!”

  • Solanus612

    At least they’re not flinging poop at each other

  • Mongofan1

    “It may look like two different animals in two different cages facing two different philosophical directions, but I’m tellin’ you, its one animal dressed up to look like two and it ain’t no elephant or donkey, it’s a mutant virus multiply’in by the billions until it kills the host.”

  • H A Goodman Author

    “I heard them talking the other night about putting us in the cages.”

  • abutterflybreeze

    They’re offended at being associated with the fallacy of human politics ~ they’re on a reverse hunger strike to secede from neanderthal-landia

  • Bill

    This could be a while. They both refuse to go first. In fact the big one hasn’t moved in four years.

  • Mark

    Stand back. They stay til their movement is completed; at least 39.6%.

  • Tim Bagwell

    We could send them to the processing plant. But no one likes Elephant or Donkey.

  • Carroll McInroe

    I say forget the shovel, outsource both to China.

  • Doug Nelson

    “Let’s rotate the cages and see which one blinks first…”

  • Michael Chapek

    I don’t know… it’s an elephant and a donkey, but all I do is shovel bs all day.

  • Mike K.

    This is the oddest set of twins I’ve ever seen!?

  • Michael H

    “They can pout all they want but I STILL think they BOTH need a spanking.”

  • Bill

    When they start talking . . . start shoveling.

  • Bill

    Don’t worry. They are neutered.

  • Wills

    They won’t try anything. Their owners neutered them.

  • Freebill

    They used to argue a lot but got things done together until the one decided to turn the place into a circus while the other made it into a zoo.

  • Flowerchild

    N0. I don’t think either of them is going to help.

  • Karl Schmidt

    does this mean we’ve given up on the cross breeding idea?

  • Christopher Rollings

    “Put ’em in the same cage. Something will definitely happen.”

  • RT2012

    Geeze! If they were taught we are here to work together for the betterment of the whole zoo, we might one day be able to solve problems instead of spending so much time shoveling dung.

  • KittyKat

    What we have here is failure to communicate!

  • Kate Rose

    Why won’t they leave the cages? They aren’t locked.

  • Kate Rose


  • edward

    I’m thinking we need to change things up and get a new animal.

  • Bob is a verb

    When these guys speak it’s nothing but dooky… when you try to clean it up there is none. These guys are constipated!

  • Jim Bird

    I’m sure having a cage fight is against the rules somewhere…