Caption the Cartoon: Candy for Candidates

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Look who’s at the door this Halloween — but do the candidates expect treats, or bring tricks? You submitted your clever captions, and we picked a winner: jspinner. See the winning caption above, and check out all the winning captions and cartoons in the official Caption the Cartoon Winners’ Gallery.

Cartoon by Norman Dapito.

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  • Brian Cummings

    do unto others…. works for me!

  • Terry Gribbin

    Sorry, no candy for 99% er’s

  • Len0216

    Candy for the kids, a spine for President Obama, and a conscience for Gov. Romney…

  • Roger Anderson

    I only give to 47%r’s

  • Progressive Okie

    Romney: Just give all the candy to me and I will let it trickle down to the kids.

  • Lizanne Whitlow

    “Sorry, I don’t have any more dollars coins.”

  • lizzie G

    kids, you get double treats if you tell your parents how to vote.

  • Sandy Abrams

    Trick or Treat! Please be generous so we can give to the poor. Give to the one you think really has their best interests at heart!

  • Anonymous

    “O look who’s looking for a food handout.” It’s the guy who’s mother was on Food Stamps at one time, and the other guy who believes those same people need to take responsibility for their lives and quit looking for handouts. What a difference.”

  • RexRay

    “Let’s see, here’s one piece of candy for each kid, ten pieces for President Obama because I know he’ll share it with those that don’t have any, but none for Governor Romney, since he’s so opposed to handouts anyway. What’s fair is fair!”

  • Charles J. Brainard

    So, who do you think is gonna get the most candy?

  • momma

    Obama: A couple billion for the people of New Jersey and New York, please!

    Romney: A coupla hundred billion for new navy ships and bayonets, please!

    Kids: Just some more high fructose corn syrup please…

  • jspinner

    Oh good! More choices.

  • ld Is this the video that you were talking about?

  • then_i_said

    Those children are Communists! They don’t have American flag lapel pins!

  • Lee

    Coal?!? … Clean coal?!?

  • B.

    NO MORE CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS! We’ve got problems to solve in our country that need the money more than advertising agencies and media monopolies. From here on out I’m giving to a better America for our kids.

  • Anonymous

    C’mon lady, just a 5 second smile for the photo op.

  • renka

    spend or cuts!

  • Gran

    Where did you get the masks?

    Are you kidding, Mr. Romney? Your bag is too big — and you’ve already taken all you’re going to get from us — these treats are for the kids whose parents used to work for Sensata in Freeport, IL.

  • Jim LaRivee

    It’s OK kids. President Obama will protect us.

  • David Ham

    Actually, both candidate’s parents were on Food Stamps and Welfare at one time.

  • Jeff Szudzik

    Hello, ma’am. We’re here to represent both wings of the officially
    recognized American political party. Thank you for boosting the consumer
    spending statistics for this quarter by buying candy this All Hallows’
    Eve. With your continued compliance, we can come back every year whether
    it’s in your best interest or not. See you next cycle!

  • Dario Rosa

    You guys are ok, but I thought the white guy was against hand-outs…

  • Pittsburgh Mike

    Mitt and I are holding the bags today. After the election it will be you. Be careful how you vote.

  • just jerry

    you again! give me a break!

  • Thelma Rosenfeld

    “Trick or Treat! i’m a pirate, I’m a witch, I’m a pumpkin, I’m President of the USA, and I’m a chameleon.

  • Mark Bau

    Romney: “I used to believe in Halloween, but then I campaigned against it, if it will help me get elected I’ll believe in it again, unless the voter next door is against at which time I’ll be against it again”

  • chuter

    …A pirate, a witch, a pumpkin, a president, and a corporate raider approach the front door of a middle class home. Who do you think ends up with all the goodies?

  • david starrett

    Obama: “I’ll divide everything in my bag to the kids equally.”
    Romney: “I’ve outsourced to these cuties and will take my negotiated share later.”
    Mom: “These two are the scariest tricksters I ever saw.”
    Kids: just give us a sugar high, and we’ll vote later.”

  • Monk

    Mitt: ” I love children. I love mommies.” Barack: “Mitt, you gotta stop, that’s too weird!”

  • Joanne Robrahn

    Wait–if I give out candy, is that SOCIALISM?

  • Lyn

    Sorry, Romney, no free handouts, remember?

  • Linda


  • Stan S

    Owner to Romney, don’t flip-flop your position and come back as somebody else.

  • lynn hopkins

    You boys don’t get anything from me until you take off those masks

  • Kay Taylor

    OK, I have some yummy cookies for the children.. Some candy made exclusively from Monsanto corn and sugar beets for the Prez and Romney? Why is your bag wiggling? That’s it, put those kids back, they aren’t your slaves yet..

  • Fifth Mike-Bridges

    The two party system is the scariest trick ever…

  • marthena

    Oh you little guys are so cute. And how are you big guys supposed to be?

  • Alice Wargacki

    The economy is so bad! Even the Politicians are begging for Candy!

  • Justin Pheley

    OBAMA: Now let me be clear: Trick or treat!
    ROMNEY: I was going to ask for candy too, but i have changed my position again, may I come in and share the good news from the Book of Mormon?

  • Justin Pheley


  • kazinczy

    Give us high corporate profit junk food so we can become obese and sick or we will take more of your rights away.

  • Jammin’ Jory

    If it’s ‘in the bag’ for Romney, life won’t be so sweet for the rest of us!

  • Ryan Doyle

    “We may come from different costume parties, but we’re both going to trick you, and then treat ourselves to your candy jar.”

  • Unlucky47

    Lessee, oh good, something for everyone: a Pixie Stix, a Junior Mints, a Sour Patch Kids, a Sugar Daddy, and, oh, you’re gonna love this, a candy voucher!

  • David Eddy

    Romney: You treat and I trick. Obama: Please, no more tricks.

  • Disappointed

    You two should be ashamed of yourselves.