Grading Congress on Income Inequality

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The Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) released their first Inequality Report Card this month, an evaluation of each congressional representative’s voting record on 40 bills aimed at reducing income inequality. The legislation ranges from the ” Buffet Rule” that would establish a minimum tax rate for upper-income Americans to increasing the minimum wage and indexing it to inflation.

IPS gave each congressperson a grade, A through F. Find out how your representatives scored by clicking on the map.

The Report Card does reflect a partisan curve: 48 Republican representatives and 11 Republican senators were given an “F”; the lowest grade a Democrat received was a “C.” The report also includes honor (and dishonor) roles that call out the most 99-percent (and one-percent) friendly members of Congress.

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  • Anonymous

    Congress gets an “F” on income inequality, in my book. That’s not singling out parties; that’s going by how much legislation has been passed to resolve income inequality. I know there are some individuals in Congress who are fighting on our side.

  • Emily Lannin McNally

    another reason to move to Portland, Maine,..

  • S.H. Gilbert

    Our Congresswoman, Diane Black, is a millionaire (real estate) who’s doctor husband runs the company that supplies in-car drug test kits for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and who has voted against every jobs bills introduced in the last two years (and against the Lily Ledbetter Act); without knowing more about individual grades were assessed, this grade of ‘C’ seems a bit grading on the curve, as it were –

  • Leilani Young

    Jeff Denham lives in Salinas and represents a region that has more income inequality than you can shake a stick at .He’s for fracking in San Benito County also . He rents an almond orchard in the District to be candidate. He got an F F F

  • James

    Your map shows me in Jackie Speier;s district but my absentee ballor says Nancy Pelosi. I like Jackie Speir

  • Barbara Smith

    The map says my representative is Tim Holden, but it is actually Joe Pitts.

  • Anonymous

    My congressman Rep. Keith Ellison got an A!

  • Anonymous

    We should get their report cards every quarter so we know what there are up to–just like the kids! It would be funny if it weren’t so maddening!

  • Computer Geek

    The issue still is education. In this and other real life consequential cause and effect type reasoning, there is no concentrated effort to get people to accept and understand what is happening to them and why. I appreciate Bill Moyers and all the others that work at PBS doing their best to educate and inform, but this needs to be more exposed to the general populace, otherwise, we are all doomed to wallow in the dregs of what is left in the aftermath. That may sound reactionary and dire but this is truly frightening and worthy of fear. I don’t fear the dark because I know there isn’t anything inherent in the dark that is menacing. But if I am confronted by a grizzly bear, I know to be fearful. This issue is not like the dark, it is like the grizzly. The fear is for survival and is warranted.