“The Godawful Particle”

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We’re excited to be featuring the work of Pulitzer Prize-winning animated political cartoonist Mark Fiore on BillMoyers.com. Look for more of his satirical cartoons in the coming weeks.

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  • Jim

    Excellent. Thanks for posting Mark’s stuff Bill.

  • steve$4

    A do wackie do wackie do…..ok done now.

  • Kent Dills

    The people just need to demand the public option NOW as it is the only solution. 
    Thirty-two of the thirty-three developed nations have universal health care, with the United States being the lone exception.


  • http://www.facebook.com/rick.belmont Rick Belmont

    And our House of Republicans voted to repeal our health care for the 33rd time.

  • Sonrisa

    yes but will they repeal it send the bill to a Prez Mittens to sign?

  • Dhal9000

    Mark Fiore should win the Mark Twain Prize for American humor. Thanks for posting this on your site.

  • Cactus Bill

    Laugh out loud hilarious! (if it weren’t so true) 

    “Dark Matter” is indeed the mysterious force behind everything.

    Of course – as opposed to the dark matter of the Cosmos – the referred to DM has an intentional De-Stabilizing effect.

    Thus, while we regular Americans fight each other like junkyard dogs, the cabal of the monied elite and corporate ultra-Capitalists puts the finishing touches on their Coup d’Etat of the USA.    

  • jan

    lol.  I needed a laugh today.   Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Can we vote to remove their healthcare too?  I have a feeling they don’t get what it feels like to be without healthcare.