Meet the Bundlers Behind the Money

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Meet the Bundlers infographic from the Center for Responsive Politics - 5/10/2012

All figures through March 2012

The Center for Responsive Politics produced this infographic (click to enlarge) about those formidable fundraisers known as “bundlers.” These well-connected and well-heeled FOOs and FORs have usually maxed out on their personal contribution limit ($5,000) and are willing to go the extra mile, asking wealthy friends and contacts for political donations. They collect that money in “bundles” and write large checks to the candidates’ campaigns. Some very successful bundlers have raised upwards of $1 million. They are sometimes rewarded with ambassadorships or other appointments when their candidate gets elected.

After the Jack Abramoff scandal, Congress passed laws that require candidates to disclose registered lobbyists working as bundlers for their campaigns. In 2008, Senators Obama and McCain promised to disclose information about any bundler who raised over $50,000. This year Obama is continuing that practice, but Mitt Romney is not. He has only disclosed the identities and amounts raised by the 22 registered lobbyists raising money for his campaign. President Obama’s campaign doesn’t accept money from registered lobbyists. Learn more about this year’s bundlers at

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