An ‘Obamacare’ Gender Gap

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Mother Jones‘ “Chart of the Day” illustrates how the Affordable Care Act would impact the gender disparities in health care costs that exist today.

Fuse-Washington Gender Health Care Cost Disparities Map
Fuse-Washington Map
Based on comparable insurance rates for 25-year-old women and men living in capitol cities
Credit: NWLC Report: Turning to Fairness: Insurance Discrimination Against Women Today and the Affordable Care Act
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  • Josadellion

    The Now and the After with the Obama healthcare plan

  • Ypreziosi

    please do NOT support the repeal of our health care, if repealed the opponent politicians would take us back centuries when bleeding was prescribed for all illnesses, although there are some politicians that believe the American people don’t bleed enough and think the American people should have NO healthcare at all, especially if you cant afford it or if you’ve lost your job.
     I love the United States of America but if we can’t help the United States of AMERICANS with more health care, better health care now, what is the point