Jon Stewart on Comedy in Times of Tragedy

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Does sharing bad news contribute to hopelessness? In this 2007 moment from Bill Moyers Journal, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart talks about his struggle to remain empathic in a world of concurrent tragedies, and the importance of delivering news with context.

Watch the entire conversation between Bill Moyers and Jon Stewart.

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  • Private Private

    While I attend school and study on a daily basis, I make time for three progams. The daily show, the colbert report, and Moyers. The intellectual stimulation recieved from these programs is like a blast of cool fresh water to the senses. My brain always wants more and yet feels curiously feed.

    Thank you for the interview. Just hoping you might get Jon back on for another one.

  • Alex

    I notice few blogs on this sight. Private, I feel the same as you and more about good acurrate dialog of any sort. It is a shame and a sham that we do not have access to better dialog or jounalism in general. The American citizen is being short changed tremendously. Now I have that off my chest, I would like to add one final thought. The soul renching, I cannot call dialog or jounalism, that seems so in vogue today. It will do more harm then good and for fact will undo us in the end.

  • David F., N.A.

    My DVR is set to record five programs: the three you mentioned, plus David Letterman and The Young Turks. Sometimes, when I think I know what I’m talking about and say something stupid, they are all literally there to set me straight. I would like to think that I am a better person because of them. This is why I invite them into my home everyday.