Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight; Send in “The Death Star”

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“The Death Star” is the nickname of the mighty, pro-Mitt Romney super PAC Restore Our Future (ROF), which — the last time we and the Federal Elections Commission looked — was at $30.2 million in contributions and rising.

This morning, the website reports that in a Republican establishment version of The Empire Strikes Back, ROF has gone on a buying binge, purchasing millions worth of television and radio ads in eight states with upcoming contests “in an attempt to overpower Romney’s surging rival, Rick Santorum.”

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney talks to aides on his campaign bus between campaign stops in Monroe, Mich., and Farmington Hills, Mich., February 2012 (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, talks to aides on his campaign bus between campaign stops in Monroe, Mich., and Farmington Hills, Mich., Thursday, Feb. 16, 2012. Behind him is a campaign poster for his late father, George Romney, three term Governor for Michigan. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

With Santorum now leading in several polls (by as little as three or as much as fifteen points), the Romney team hopes to do to him what they did to Newt Gingrich in Iowa and Florida: overwhelm the airwaves and the opposition with advertising, much of it negative. According to The Wall Street Journal, the Romney campaign and ROF have purchased nearly $2 million in TV and radio time in Romney’s home state of Michigan, “This contrasts,” the Journal noted, “with the $42,443 the Santorum campaign has reserved in airtime for its own ads ahead of the February 28 primary in Michigan, according to data supplied by a Democratic media firm and confirmed by a Republican campaign operative.”

You read that right: only $42,443. But that’s not counting the $663,500 Michigan ad buy Santorum’s super PAC, The Red, White and Blue Fund, announced on Thursday. Still, the Associated Press reported, “Santorum, seeking to maintain momentum from his recent victories, sought to use Romney’s financial dominance against him with a David-versus-Goliath message.”

“’We’re not going to win this race the way Gov. Romney has won the states he’s won already, by outspending his opponent by 5-to-1 and beating them up. He’s not going to outspend Barack Obama 5-to-1,’ Santorum said last week in Dallas. ‘How are you going to win an election if your greatest attribute is ‘I’ll spend more money than the other person?’”

Paul West in The Los Angeles Times writes, “Santorum, with no state organization or realistic hope of matching Romney on TV, is counting on the backing of social conservatives, evangelical Christians and supporters of the tea party movement, who together could cast more than half of the primary vote.”

What’s more, the Michigan primary is open to any registered voter, so Democrats and independents could rush to the polls and hand Santorum a win, as they did in 2000 when John McCain upset George W. Bush.

On The Atlantic magazine’s blog, Molly Ball concludes — inconclusively — “The state’s Feb. 28 primary stands to settle the vexing question of whether Romney is the unassailable GOP nominee, despite some temporary turbulence, or a paper tiger whose inability to seal the deal will cost him the race for the second time.

“And at the moment, there’s no telling which way Michigan will go.”

In the immortal words of Han Solo, “Never tell me the odds.” But any Star Wars fan knows what happened to the Death Star

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  • Taichi-wuchi

    Why are we allowing this nation to become a Corporation Oligarchy?  It means that we can no longer call ourselves a democracy because the government no longer belongs to the people; it belongs to those who pay for electing so called representatives.  The only people the government represents are the corporations called a person which is an obvious misnomer.
    A Corporation Oligarchy undermines the demand side of economics and gives the supply side of economics the advantage destroying the econo0my because it is the demand side of the economy that supports the supply side of the economy. Without the demand side of the economy, the supply side of the economy has no one to supply.  
    Try that for an obvious self-destruct economy.

  • Midori Futabatei

    Dear Bill, I hope you’re aware of the dire situation in Japan. Three, possibly 4 Daiichi NPP’s are in complete meltdown – but it’s not being covered by the MSM.  Our very own EPA has raised safe levels of radiation after Fukushima.  It’s so bad, many have taken to reporting their own Geiger counter readings here in the states.
    Please consider covering the crisis in Japan.  The Japanese people need all the help they can get ASAP.  If you could devote one segment to this, believe me, it would send tremors through the NRC…already on “unstable ground”
    Enenews is one of the best blogs covering this 
    Watching the Fukushima #Tag Tweet Page will give you an idea of how bad the situation really is.
    Thank youTearsInHeaven

  • Guest

    Yes, More and more radioactive isotopes are making their way to the West coast of the USA, and The Hawaiian Islands . While the radioactivity is small it is accumulating, and showing up in milk and other foods, there seems no end to this situation.. There is little media coverage that Fukushima is spewing billions of Becquerels of radiation on a daily basis, furthermore , Japan is burning rubble form the Tsunami, and this radioactive ash is re-depositing , contaminating previously cleaned areas, so its going into the atmosphere all over again…

    Web sites such as, this and EX-SKF have more information..

    Thank you for your attention.

  • steveo77

     Any election that does not restore the constitution and impartial media will only further the decline of America.

    I have followed the Fukushima incident closely, In fact I broke it open on March 16th as being a big bad thing with an article on Zero-Hedge.

    The worst part in not the accident, but the near media blackout.    There are 100 reasons to get rid of nuclear, but when we are getting force fed lies, it is disgusting beyond belief.

    I have listed nuclear resources on this blog

  • Jayryunen

    I don’t know if anyone from Moyers & Company actually reads these comments, but I can find no other way to contact you…
    I’ve got a satellite connection & your podcasts take FOREVER to download, working on 15 minutes right now for one show. I don’t have this problem w/other hour+ long podcasts. I’d love to listen to the show, but honestly? I probably won’t if the long downloads continue.

  • StillJillofark

    Bill,…Please do be our *light* about Fukushima, Japan!  History will show who lead us out of this media muzzle,…BILL you are the man with the _____’s to do it!  I know of few others, IF ANY!

    60% of the fallout cascaded onto the West coast, Hawaii, Alaska, and western Canada.  Bill, please at least look at the flume maps,….listen to your friends who’s children are birthing stillborns Bill,…for crinin’ out LOUD!

    Fresh, new emissions daily Bill,…the window of opportunity,…she is a closing!

  • Anonymous

    The EPA published PAG’s (Protective Action Guidelines) in 1992 limiting allowable radioactive isotopes in food, water, milk. In October 2011 and January 2012, the Cesium 137 levels in SF Bay Area milk were over 100% then 150% of the EPA limits. Nothing has been done. Why aren’t the PAG’s being enforced? Is it because FDA limits are being used, or is something else going on?  Well, it appears guidelines published by entities like FEMA and the DOE are used to “interpret” what’s in the PAG’s. So, does this mean the PAG’s are being interpreted by other government entities whose expertise is NOT ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION?  The DOE and DHS have also published guildelines on implementing the PAG’s. The DOE does NOT want attention drawn to the artificially high “safe expsoure levels” and guidelines they adhere to (like ICRP models of “safe” expsoures).  Bottom line? It looks like the fox is guarding the henhouse. The EPA PAG’s are meaningless when you’ve got govt. agencies like the DOE (decidedly pro nuclear) calling the shots on how the PAG’s are to be used and implemented. That is tantamount to DOE policy “trumping” the PAG’s.  It’s important to remember the DOE OPPOSED the ending of above ground nuclear testing, even though such testing was proven to be hazardous to human health.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Mr. Bill. I’ve always appreciated your wit, intelligence, and insight.

    Please have a look at this map from NILU (meteorological agency in Norway) and look at the public vs. private data.  The private data shows the entire Northern Hemisphere got MASSIVE plumes of radiation from Fukushima. IMHO it’s a RED ALERT situation. Please, we all need help making this a mainstream issue. We’re all being “Fuku’d” without our consent, and this is an ongoing crisis. You can’t put melted down reactors into “cold shutdown” consequently we’re getting wave after wave of radioactive contamination.  It’s so bad I can hardly tell you how bad it is! Some of us posting here have been following this closely for almost a year. For more information, see and

  • Anonymous

    DOE guidelines here state they make recommendations about exposure levels and use “health physics” guidelines. “Health physics” is a phoney branch of science developed by pro-nuke physicists to interpret “acceptable risk” from low dose radiation expsoure, i.e., anything that wouldn’t kill you in a couple of days.  If those reading the DOE guidelines aren’t aware the guidelines are using a model NOT DEVELOPED BY DOCTORS OR ANYONE WITH A KNOWLEDGE OF BIOLOGY OR EPIDEMIOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF RADIATION they will be lulled into a false sense of security.

    But don’t take my word for it, read here for yourself (there are two of these documents):

  • Taichi-wuchi

     We are going to be sheep to the slaughter if we do not demand the government be responsive to their people’s needs. Life is risky and short, we need all the help we can get.
    I worked nuke and know how dangerous it can be.  A geiger counter read high radiation and my TLD that monitors how much radiation I was getting showed no radiation.  It is my understanding that a nuclear reaction has all levels of radiation not just low levels of radiation. I have nerve damage that is causing neuropathy.  It is very disabling.


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