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  • http://www.facebook.com/peggyboyleston Peggy Boylston

    Two wonderful Men !!!

  • Yvonne

    When I first saw this series I was 21 years old, and it changed my life–totally blew me away. High school dropout to Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa literature student. Thank you Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell.

  • JamieTFranklin

    It puts them in touch with the feeling of being alive.

  • Erb7_33

    You could probaby pick one hundred “moments” from your interview with Andrew J Bacevich.  That is on my DVR – and I watch it about once a month. 

  • GradyLeeHoward

    I watched it: I transcended it: And today I’m still living it.
    Next week I go to Switzerland to lead an acting workshop for differently abled and exceptional people, and the psychic imagination Moyers and Campbell demonstrate remain my model and ideal. There are important ideas we can simultaneously know and feel, and these are often concepts we can dramatize as a group.  In genuine discourse every person teaches; every person learns.

  • suzanne

    Greetings Bill,
    I so remember this interview 25 yrs ago…It brought me to tears then, and to this day as well.
    Thank You for being who you are…I want to add, i ordered and pick up this week Rita Dove’s book of American poetry…Had the clerk open it to read page 134 “Touch me”… It moved everyone there…So did “I sit and sew”. Blessings, and Gratitude… As always, Suzanne  

  • http://www.billmoyers.com/ AnneLBS

    Hi Erb7_33,

    Good news, Andrew Bacevich will be appearing on the show for another conversation on March 23rd,  stay tuned for details.

  • Hinch22

    Yes, I agree, two great men are at work here. I can’t help but think of a third one as I listen to this wisdom, Victor Frankl. If anyone has ever shown me how to live on and surmount unfathomable pains and set-backs it is he. One must treat oneself, every so often, to a read or re-read of Man’s Search for Meaning. It is so simple and yet so impacting. Ideas do have consequences, and thank goodness they do, for in studying them we break off a tiny chunk of this crazy world and come to understand it, little bit by little bit. This is why education is so integral to our collective well being. DH

  • Mike Miller

    I have been a great fan of yours and a student of Joseph Campbell since your 1988 series. You are the voice of reason in a world that sometimes is unreasonable

  • David O’Brien

    Two wonderful men I am extremely lucky to know of!! I only found them both in the last three years. Very lucky.